The 2019 NABSA Board Elections will be held this fall.

  • Nominations open September 3
  • Nominations close September 16
  • NABSA members must submit the name of their Voting Representative by September 26
  • Voting will be open 8AM October 1 and close at the 2019 NABSA Annual Meeting
  • Election results will be announced October 1

Per NABSA’s bylaws, there are a total of 11 elected positions, of which 3 Director positions must be filled by a representative of a for-profit member, 3 by a representative of a non-profit member, and 3 by a representative of a government member at any given time. This ensures that there is a minimum representation of three board members from each sector of the industry – for-profit, non-profit, and government. Based on the composition of the current board, the following must be filled in the 2020 election to meet these conditions:

  • 1 Non-profit seat
  • 2 For-profit seats
  • 2 At-Large

-Each member organization may submit one ballot, voting for up to 5 candidates.

-Each member organization will select one voting representative to cast the vote for their organization.

-Voting will be done electronically. The ballot will open October 1st, 8am, and close October 1st at the NABSA Annual Meeting.

-The link to the electronic ballot will be sent only to the voting representative when the ballot opens.

In addition, changes made to the composition of the NABSA Board of Directors this year allocate the following:

  • 2 seats to representatives from two member for-profit companies with the largest vehicle footprint. These are one-year seats.
  • 2 ex-officio non-voting seats for NABSA’s attorney and CPA respectively

The total number of NABSA Board of Director positions remains the same at 15.

The new bylaws text is included below for your information.

Given the current make-up of the NABSA Board of Directors, the following seats are open to be filled this year:

  • 1 Non-profit seat

  • 2 For-profit seats

  • 2 At Large seats

  • 2 allocated private sector seats to member companies with the largest vehicle footprint

1) The nomination process for open board seats began on September 3rd.

It is best to self-nominate, so we can collect from you your candidate profile information to be posted on our website.

2) Nominations will close September 16, and candidate profiles will be posted to the NABSA Board page for members to familiarize themselves with the candidates.

3) Candidates will be announced and encouraged to meet and greet members at the Annual Conference Opening Reception September 30th, 6-8pm.

4) Like last year, we will be using an electronic ballot for elections this year. Each member organization will select a voting representative who will submit the ballot on behalf of their organization. The ballot will open by 8am October 1st and close at the NABSA Annual Meeting that same day.

ALL CANDIDATES: Please note the following for your travel arrangements and scheduling:

  • Candidates will be announced by name at the Opening Reception Monday night (September 30th). In part, this reception is meant to be an opportunity for members and candidates to meet.

  • A new board orientation will be held on Tuesday, October 1st, 4:45-5:45pm, directly following the Annual Meeting.

  • The NABSA Annual Board Retreat is scheduled for November 5-7 in Philadelphia. If elected, you will be required to attend. Please ensure you will be available to fulfill this commitment if you are elected.

III.02 Number and Composition.

The Board will be comprised of thirteen voting director and two non-voting directors for a total Board not to exceed fifteen members. Director terms shall be staggered so as to not have turnover of the entire Board in the same year. No member organization may be represented by more than one Director at any time on the Board.

(a) The Board composition will have balanced and proportionate representation from the three main sectors in the bikeshare and shared micromobility industry: government, notfor-profit and for-profit. Each of these sectors will have three (3) designated Director seats on the Board.

(b) The Board composition will ensure flexibility for the rapidly changing and innovative nature of the bikeshare and shared micromobility industry. There will be two (2) Director At Large positions that may be filled by a representative of any of the three sectors.

(c) There will be two (2) Director positions to be filled by representatives from two forprofit companies in the bikeshare and/or shared micromobility industries. Among all of NABSA’s member companies, these two for-profit companies will own or operate the first and second largest number of actively operating, shared micromobility vehicles within North America. Each of the companies must have been in business in North America for a minimum of one year. Should either the first or second company be elected to the Board under a different category, the company with the third largest number of vehicles will take the seat, and so on.

(d) There will be one ex-oficio, non-voting seat designated for NABSA’s attorney

(e) There will be one ex-oficio, non-voting seat designated for NABSA’s certified public accountant.

III.03 Qualifications, Selection and Tenure.

(a) Qualifications. Each director must be a natural person who is age 18 or older and, for an elected director, either paid staff, an officer or a member of the governing board of a full member at the time of election.

(b) Elected Directors. With the exception of the directors representing the two largest, for-profit companies, all directors will serve two-year terms. Those two directors who represent the largest for-profit companies will serve one-year terms. At each annual meeting of the members (or, if election is held by written ballot in lieu of a meeting, in advance of the annual meeting), the full members will elect a number of directors equal to the number of directors whose terms are expiring that year.

Directors so elected will assume office from the end of the annual meeting of their election (or the end of annual meeting immediately following their election, if elected prior to that meeting by written ballot in lieu of meeting) until the second annual meeting following their election, and thereafter until their successors have been elected and qualified, or until their earlier death, resignation or removal. Board members may serve three consecutive terms. After three consecutive terms, a board member must take one year off of the board before running again.

Name Last Term Expires Category
Kristen Camareno 2019 Nonprofit
Lee Jones 2019 For-profit
Kim Lucas 2019 Government
Adrian Popovici 2019 For-profit
Colby Reese 2019 For-profit
Peter Topalovic 2019 Government
Dianna Ward 2019 Nonprofit
Lindsey West 2019 For-profit
David White 2019 Nonprofit
Ben Bolte 2020 Nonprofit
Alison Cohen 2020 For-profit
Karen Haley 2020 Nonprofit
Steve Hoyt-McBeth 2020 Government
Aaron Ritz 2020 Government
Sean Wiedel 2020 Government

2019 Candidates for the NABSA Board of Directors

Todd Boulanger
Bikeshare Hawaii

Interested in becoming more integrated with the bike share / micro-mobility professional community due to our system’s isolation here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I am also interested in promoting the needs / outlook of our non-profit operators.

Stefanie Brodie
Toole Design Group

The world of bikeshare is expanding; shared, active transportation options are no longer limited to bikes. E-scooters and other individual transport devices are being offered as micromobility choices. As a NABSA Board Member, I want to help the organization plan strategically to continue to be an industry-leading resource for shared, active mobility among the widening range of vehicles and changing models of service.

I am especially interested in supporting the Research and Data committee. This committee has an opportunity to provide guidance to NABSA’s members on critical issues related to the expanding world of micromobility, such as privacy and program evaluation. This committee has solicited consultant support to start answering questions related to these critical issues and I would like to help continue that progress.

I am interested in being a NABSA Board Member to lend my skills and experience to the Board and to support the organization’s members.”

Regina Clewlow

I have dedicated the past 10+ years of my career to delivering more sustainable transportation in cities as a transportation research scientist, advocate, and now entrepreneur. In my current role as CEO of Populus, I am particularly focused on building bridges between private mobility operators and public agencies to help ensure that the future of mobility is safe, equitable, and efficient. I believe that bikeshare (and now scooter share) have played a key role in changing how private mobility operators and cities interact and collaborate. More importantly, the recent growth of micromobility has re-ignited an important conversation about how we prioritize the space on city streets – one that I hope can help us create more space for moving people, bikes, and other smaller, efficient vehicles! NABSA has historically and continues to serve as a leader in the micromobility space, and I would be honored to serve as a board member to further its mission.

Brian Conger

Throughout my professional career, I have been inspired by the power of public/private partnerships to build and transform communities. My role at BCycle allows me to serve and support an amazing group of bikeshare operators that work hard everyday to transform the cities and communities where we operate. I am interested in serving as a NABSA Board Member to help NABSA find more ways that we can come together as an industry to significantly move the meter on bikeshare in the communities that we collectively serve.

Chelsea Davidoff

Bike share, and micro-mobility, has the ability to fundamentally change the way in which people get around their cities. For the last three years it has been my pleasure to be deeply involved in many aspects of this exciting and evolving industry. I love, and would be honored, to be apart of the NABSA board to help guide and shape the future of mobility in North America.

Aaron Goldbeck

DC has historically been a leader in bikeshare and I’m interested in sharing my experience managing one of the oldest and largest bikeshare networks in North America. The micro mobility space is changing rapidly so I’m interested in sharing lessons learned in DC in both bikeshare and dockless vehicle programs and helping to shape the conversation around these issues internationally.

Edward H. Inlow
Shift Transit

As a passionate mobility executive with seven years of industry experience, I’d love to help shape the future of the industry as a member of the NABSA Board. Prior to founding Shift Transit, I was on the ground, working to help define the early years of bikeshare, overseeing 13 bikeshare systems across the globe. Fast forward to present, I lead a dedicated and talented team, managing over 18,000 assets on a daily basis. The experience, knowledge and continuously changing landscape of micromobility has me excited for what’s to come in how we move people in cities across North America. This also comes with lots of work to help define, manage and support the future of mobility and I wish to serve on the NABSA Board to continue to improve the industry footprint.

Adrian Popovici
PBSC Urban Solution

I was a Director of the NABSA board for the past years and also have been its Treasurer in the past. I really enjoyed being part of the board to participate in decisions that could have an impact on Bikeshare, give my input on trying to make Bikeshare better in North America and promote Bikeshare as a part of an improved public transit. The bylaws give me the opportunity to serve one last term as board member. The reason why I wish to do so is very simple; I think I can continue to contribute greatly with my experience in the Bikeshare industry, being involved in many cities Bikeshare projects around the world and continually following the evolution of Bikeshare. In addition, my past years experience as a member of the board with the other directors and my implication in different NABSA committees would make me an even more efficient board member for the year to come.
I strongly wish to be able to continue giving my input for the year to come, always keeping in mind members’ best interests and with the goal to see Bikeshare continue growing all over North America.

Colby Reese
DecoBike Miami LLC

I am excited to run for re-election as a board member for NABSA. I have spent the past 11 years dedicated to the bikeshare industry and feel I bring a unique viewpoint having worm “multiple hats” as a bikeshare systems vendor, operator and principal. I’m happy to share my knowledge and insight within this growing and dynamic industry and continue to help take it to the next level. NABSA has proven to be an incredible resource for the micromobility industry and I hope to continue to be a contributor to its growth and success.

Kyle Rowe

I’d like to advance best practices in micromobility and foster a better relationship between the public and private sectors as they navigate a new and challenging industry. I’m also keenly interested in how cities and companies can work together to improve charging infrastructure to reduce the GHG impact of operations.

Keith Siilats
Bolt Mobility Corporation

I would like to expand NABSA technical advocacy to help interoperability and also help to respect privacy of the users

Peter Topalovic
City of Hamilton
I would like to continue my work on the board, especially with respect to conference planning and North American integration and networking. I think representing Canadian cities is important for a diverse board membership.

Jake Sion

In October 2015, I attended my first NABSA conference where I participated in a workshop on creating a new data standard for the bikeshare industry. After hard work by Mitch Vars, Mike Frumin, Marcin Pyla, and so many other bikeshare leaders, one month later, GBFS was born.

GBFS enabled leading mobility apps, like Google Maps, Citymapper or Transit, to make bikeshare information accessible to a wider audience, and incorporate bikeshare into multimodal trips. It allowed for greater public oversight over bikeshare, such as when advocates in New York City verified a sudden drop in the number of available Citi Bikes and pressed for service improvements. It was the foundation of and incorporated into the Mobility Data Specification (MDS), which guarantees cities the data they need to manage the bikes and scooters on their streets.

I want to be a NABSA Board Member to champion the values – transparency, collaboration, innovation — that resulted in GBFS, and help maintain a bikeshare tradition that is open and fair.

Avra van der Zee

I would love to contribute to knowledge sharing and setting best practices for this emerging industry.

David White
Bike Share Pittsburgh Inc.

Over the past two years we have seen monumental shifts in the bikeshare and micromobility industry that suggest dramatic changes to the future of personal mobility. I believe NABSA is well-positioned to play a major role in shaping this future landscape and I think I am well qualified to contribute to that mission. I have now served one full term as a NABSA board member, and have served as the Vice President of the board for the past year. I’ve interacted with many NABSA members, and I’m energized by the talent and enthusiasm in our industry. I am seeking re-election for my second and final board term. I understand the challenges facing the organization: I have worked closely with NABSA executive director Sam Herr; I am convinced that Sam is outstanding in her role and I hope to help guide her and other NABSA leaders as we further transition to a professional, industry organization amplifying the voices of government officials, for-profit visionaries, and non-profit leaders.

Stanley Wong
Gonbike Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

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