State of the Industry: 2019

NABSA produces the State of the Industry Report for shared micromobility. This page summarizes the industry's progress and successes for the most recent year.

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By the Numbers

Over the last 14 years, the shared micromobility industry has grown from a handful of city bikeshare programs, to a complex ecosystem of bikeshare and shared e-scooter systems with a wide variety of vehicle types, system models, and ownership configurations. Cities have come to rely on shared micromobility as an integral part of the transportation network, increasing transportation options and contributing to environmental, equity, and public health goals.

Physical Activity & Exercise

Gained almost 30 million hours of additional physical activity by creating new trips or by replacing motorized trips.

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Offset approximately 65 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions by replacing car trips.

*These reduction factors do not take into account operations, externalities, or lifecycle costs for shared micromobility or for driving, as data for these calculations was unavailable.

36% of shared micromobility trips replace a car trip.

User surveys show that shared micromobility in place of a wide variety of modes, and that 5% of trips are new trips that wouldn't have been taken otherwise.

In 2019, at least 292 cities had at least one bikeshare or e-scooter system and 99 had both.

This includes:

  • 264 cities in the United States
  • 17 cities in Mexico
  • 11 cities in Canada

*The word cities is used to denote local jurisdictions or municipalities throughout this report. On occasion, the word cities is used as a catch-all that may include metro regions or counties in which shared micromobility systems operate; when this happens, the geography will be specified in the text and/or the methodology section.

Other topics in the report include:

– Industry Benefits
– Who Uses Shared Micromobility
– Transportation Access & Equity
– Comparison of Trends by Vehicle Type
– System Statistics by City Size
– Shared Micromobility as Public Transportation

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