Shared Mobility Data

Shared micromobility is part of the public transportation ecosystem. Operators, cities, researchers and other transportation and mobility stakeholders use mobility data to plan, optimize, and grow transportation networks.


Privacy Principles for Mobility Data

Developed through a collaboration of more than 20 cities, mobility service providers, technology companies, privacy advocates, and academics, the Privacy Principles for Mobility Data are intended to serve as a guiding “North Star” to assess technical and policy decisions that have implications for privacy when handling mobility data. The collaborative, which was convened by NABSA, NUMO, and OMF in 2020, consulted privacy experts, discussed key topics related to data privacy, and identified core ideas and common themes to serve as a basis for these principles.

General Bikeshare Feed Specification

Under NABSA’s leadership, the General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS) Version 1 was developed by a team of bikeshare system owners and operators, application developers, and technology vendors and launched in 2015.

In 2019, NABSA selected MobilityData to become the technical steward for the GBFS community, which involved improving the specification and its governance to meet evolving industry needs. NABSA and MobilityData have continued to partner in this work.

GBFS in use on the Transit app and in Google Maps.