You’re one step from access to a plethora of industry resources, contacts and opportunities that will keep you at the forefront of a changing industry. Once you’re in, you may wonder how you ever lived without the leadership and knowledge of a group of people just as passionate about bikeshare as you.

As of 2017, more than 130 North American cities use bikeshare — and more than 70 organizations, businesses and cities find value in their memberships. NABSA develops strategies to advance the bikeshare industry so you can enjoy the many benefits that come with the statement, “I’m a NABSA member.”

Member Benefits


We advocate for the positive change you need to weave bikeshare into the fabric of transportation. We hold our industry to high standards and actively enforce them through our Code of Conduct, which outlines the NABSA values of safety, community first, cooperation, customer-focus, transparency and equity.


NABSA is the leading voice of the bikeshare industry. We will keep you in-the-know about all the issues you care most about and keep the bikeshare industry in the public eye. See all of our media placements here.


As a member, you will have access to our industry-specific webinar series and Knowledge Share database with hundreds of articles and resources. All of NABSA’s research and white papers will be available to help your organization make the best, most informed decisions.

Annual Conference

The NABSA Annual Conference is the only industry-specific conference in North America. You will attend with the best and most influential minds in the industry and be a part of the community that works to keep bikeshare moving forward.

Partner Benefits

NABSA has secured benefits for our members to reduce costs and expand capacity. We currently offer a benefit with Experticity for gear deals and Horizon Agency for best quality/best price insurance.

And so much more!

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Membership Includes:

  • Complimentary ticket(s) to the NABSA Conference (1 per every $1000 in dues, rounded)
  • Listing on NABSA website
  • Voting participation in NABSA
  • Immediate access to the rapidly growing community of NABSA members
  • Unlimited, free access for all employees to NABSA webinars and Knowledge Share database
  • Recognition for upholding industry quality standards as a NABSA member provider

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