NABSA collaborates across sectors to grow shared micromobility and its benefits to communities, creating a more equitable and sustainable transportation ecosystem.

Why Join NABSA?

NABSA is the industry’s membership organization with representation from system owners, operators, host cities, equipment manufacturers, and technology and service providers. Founded in 2014, NABSA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources, education, and advocacy for the shared micromobility industry, and to creating spaces for the industry’s public, private, and nonprofit sectors to convene and empower each other. NABSA provides opportunities for members to connect with, learn from, and share with each other while advocating for the positive change we need to weave micromobility into the fabric of transportation.

Industry Leadership

NABSA provides access to education, advocacy information, research and guidance, and opportunities for leadership and growth. Member organizations have the opportunity to elect and nominate candidates for the NABSA Board of Directors, participate in committees, and help shape the future of the industry.

Core Values

Safety, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEIB), Integrity, Health and Sustainability: these are the foundational values that guide NABSA, our work and members. NABSA members agree to a Code of Conduct addressing these values, and through membership in NABSA, are known for upholding these values in their work and the shared micromobility community.

Annual Conference

The NABSA Annual Conference is the leading global venue for shared micromobility and transportation leaders, practitioners, operators, and equipment providers to tackle important issues facing the industry. Join us to learn, network, and chart the future of shared micromobility.

Annual Shared Micromobility State of the Industry Report

NABSA produces the annual Shared Micromobility State of the Industry Report for North America. As the only report of its kind, it captures in-depth metrics about the industry, allowing us to view trends, gain insights, and advocate for the benefits of shared micromobility. NABSA cultivates relationships with researchers, creating conversation and information flow between shared micromobility research and practice.


NABSA is the leading voice of and for the shared micromobility industry. NABSA advocates for policy change that supports and promotes the growth of shared micromobility and its benefits to communities. We maintain a bill tracker tool and continually develop resources and opportunities to equip our members with tools to advocate for shared micromobility.


Throughout the year, NABSA hosts an industry-specific virtual event series, as well as continually develops resources to support our members and their work. As a member organization, every one of your employees will have access to our virtual events and Knowledge Share database with hundreds of articles and resources.

Network Cultivation

NABSA membership opens the door to a network of shared micromobility leaders throughout the US, Canada, and Latin America working in all sectors and areas that make shared micromobility happen– system owners, operators, host cities, equipment manufacturers, technology and service providers, and more. Connections can be made through our members-only email listserv, Slack Workspace, Member Center, and social media profiles.

Membership Includes

  • Complimentary ticket(s) to the NABSA Conference
  • Listing on NABSA website
  • Opportunity to nominate and elect NABSA Board of Directors
  • Immediate access to the rapidly growing community of NABSA members
  • Unlimited, free access for all employees to NABSA virtual events and Knowledge Share database
  • Recognition for upholding industry quality standards asa NABSA member provider

Ready to join NABSA?

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You’re one step from access to a multitude of industry resources, contacts and opportunities that will keep you at the forefront of a changing industry. Once you’re in, you may wonder how you ever lived without the leadership and knowledge of a group of people just as passionate about shared micromobility as you.


Dues are essential for the financial health of NABSA and our ability to offer value to our members. Dues contribute to the benefits and value that each member organization receives. The sliding scale proxies that we utilize is the mechanism by which to assess appropriate dues level based on organizational size and scale of engagement within the shared micromobility industry.

Download the NABSA Dues Policy here (PDF)

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