Board & Staff

Meet our elected board and staff that keep NABSA rolling.


Clayton Lane Bird 2022 For-profit
Caroline Samponaro Lyft 2022 For-profit
Kären Haley Indianapolis Cultural Trail & Pacers Bikeshare 2022 Nonprofit
Sophie Nenner Bicycle Transit Systems 2022 For-profit
Benny Foltz Heartland Bike Share 2022 Nonprofit
Amanda Woodall City of Chicago 2022 Government
Aaron Goldbeck District Department of Transportation 2022 Government
Adriel Thornton MoGo Detroit 2023 Nonprofit
Steve Hoyt-McBeth Portland Bureau of Transportation 2023 Government
Waffiyyah Murray City of Philadelphia 2023 Government
Gian-Carlo Crivello PBSC 2023 For-profit
Stefanie Brodie Toole Design Group 2023 For-profit
David White Healthy Ride Pittsburgh 2023 Nonprofit

2022 NABSA Board of Directors Election Information

Board of Directors Nomination Form

The make-up of the NABSA Board of Directors is as follows:

  • 15 total members
  • 2 seats are allocated to representatives from the two member for-profit companies with the largest vehicle footprint (data collected through our Shared Micromobility State of the Industry Report project)
  • At any time, there must be at least 3 seats filled by representatives from each of NABSA’s three member sectors- non-profit, for-profit, and government 
  • 2 seats can be filled by representatives from any member category
  • 2 are ex-officio non-voting seats allocated to an attorney and CPA respectively

Terms are two years for all seats, except the two allocated seats, which renew each year, based on information collected through our State of the Industry Report process.

Based on the current composition of the NABSA Board of Directors, to meet the above conditions, the following must be filled in the 2022 election. 

  • 1 for-profit position
  • 1 non-profit position
  • 1 government position
  • 2 from any member category

1) The nomination process for open board seats will commence on September 28. 

  • An announcement will be sent to all member employees included in the Member Center, and also posted in the NABSA Slack channel. The nomination form will also be available to access on our board webpage:
  • Anyone in all sectors and in all size member organizations is eligible for nomination; and
  • Only ONE candidate from each member organization is eligible for nomination

It is best to self-nominate. The nomination form includes information that will be used in your candidate profile posted to our website. If you would like to nominate someone, check with them first, and encourage them to self-nominate through the form.

2) Nominations will close October 11, and candidate profiles will be posted to the NABSA Board page for members to familiarize themselves with the candidates.

3) October 12-19, select your organizations’ Voting Representative. Your organization must select the one person who will cast votes for your organization. They will be the designated person who will receive the electronic ballot on October 26. If your organization does not submit a person to be your Voting Representative, it will default to the member liaison we have on file.

4) Candidates will be announced at the 2022 NABSA Conference Opening Reception on October 25th.

5)  The ballot will open by 8am CT October 26 and close at the NABSA Annual Meeting around 4:15 CT on October 26th. Like in prior years, we will be using an electronic ballot for elections this year. Each member organization will select a voting representative who will submit the ballot on behalf of their organization. Stay tuned for more info on selecting your Voting Representative.

ALL CANDIDATES: Please note the following for your scheduling:

  • Candidates will be announced by name at the Conference Opening Reception on October 25th.
  • A New Board Orientation will be held at the Annual Conference in-person during lunch, 11:45-1:00 pm.
  • The NABSA Annual Board Retreat is scheduled for the week of December 5-9. If elected, you will be required to attend. Please ensure you will be available to fulfill this commitment if you are elected.