Sophie Nenner

Bicycle Transit Systems

Why is being a board member of NABSA important to you?
To support the growth and success of the bike share industry, I am honored to serve another term as a NABSA Board member. During my last term, I concentrated on supporting policy and advocacy efforts, as well as increasing NABSA memberships. By leveraging my network of stakeholders, I have also brought industry colleagues to share their experiences and perspectives during Policy Working Group discussions and as panelists during NABSA conferences and webinars. As a board member, I have also directly contributed to advocating for/or against policies at the state or federal levels that ultimately will benefit the micromobility industry and its users. In looking toward the future, a lot of work is still needed to expand bike share and micromobility access in our communities, and having the opportunity to advocate for bike infrastructure, advocate for funding opportunities, and influence national and local policy, is both personally and professionally meaningful to me. I believe NABSA can play a role in addressing climate change through the advocacy of transportation programs that are green, accessible, and inclusive — and again, I am honored to continue to be a force to the movement.

What experience or insight do you bring to your position on the board?
I bring over ten years of experience in the electric vehicle and bicycle industry, in addition to 20 years of project management and leadership experience. I have led businesses, worked in IT, finance, and logistic departments within companies from various sectors in France, Spain, Argentina, and in the United States which has provided me with a diverse and broad professional background. In addition to my international experience in the micromobility industry, I have also done a great deal of work in partnership with government which is critical as we build and grow the industry.

I am entrepreneurial at heart, a strategic partner in all that I do, and I am dedicated to supporting community needs in an environmentally-conscious way. I started my own eBike business in Paris in 2005 (one of the very first!). I was also very close to the Velib project that launched a couple of years later. I moved to Los Angeles in 2010 and worked for an electric car startup before joining Bike Transit as General Manager of Metro Bike Share in 2016. I am also a lifelong bike commuter and currently serve as a board member of a local chapter of Safe Routes to Schools

In all, I believe in education and advocacy for alternative transportation modes to cars. Being on the NABSA board gives me the opportunity to share my global perspective, my enthusiasm and energy for bike advocacy, and my experience as a leader of a bike share program in one of the biggest and most challenging US cities for transportation access.