Foundations and Tips for Setting Up a Shared Micromobility System

Have questions about setting up a shared micromobility system? NABSA hosted this presentation to help those who are thinking about starting a system, planning a system or have recently launched a system to learn what to consider and enhance their planning process. 


  • Peter Topalovic, City of Hamilton 
  • Alia Verloes, Steer 
  • Aaron Goldbeck, District Department of Transportation – DDOT 

Presenters in this recording pull from their own experiences planning and implementing shared micromobility to share their knowledge and information about the following:

  • Shared micromobility overview including vehicle characteristics and system purpose.
  • System design principles including considerations for density, accessibility, coverage area, equity, destinations, and predictability.
  • System Setup with an outline of different business and operating models along with funding questions and recommendations. 
  • Community engagement best practices outlining the importance of public participation and providing engagement examples.  
  • Use case from the District Department of Transportation with highlights from Capital Bikeshare and information about shared fleet permit conditions.

The recording closes with additional advice from the participants based on their experience for those setting up a shared micromobility system. Check out the recording below to view the resource!