NABSA hosts a variety of resources to help move the shared micromobility industry forward.

NABSA advocates to grow shared micromobility and its benefits to communities and provides resources to help you advocate for shared micromobility.

Access NABSA’s Workplace Toolkit developed in partnership with the Better Bike Share Partnership.

Find resources and information for shared micromobility professionals. The NABSA Knowledge Share is a benefit for member organizations, and most documents are only accessible with a member login.

Members login to the member portal where they can access their account, profile, member directory, and access the knowledge share.

Read about the latest NABSA happenings and shared micromobility news.

NABSA hosted this presentation to help those who are thinking about starting a system, planning a system or have recently launched a system to learn what to consider and enhance their planning process.

Shared micromobility is part of the public transportation ecosystem. Operators, cities, researchers and other transportation and mobility stakeholders use mobility data to plan, optimize, and grow transportation networks.

NABSA produces the annual Shared Micromobility State of the Industry Report – the only report of its kind tracking the trends, growth, and success of shared micromobility across North America.

NABSA hosts regular virtual events on the topics that are important to our members. NABSA events feature leaders in the industry sharing their expertise and lessons learned. Many of these events are member-only, but some crucial topics are open to the public.