Board Member

Caroline Samponaro


For more than a decade, I fought for protected bike lanes to transform streets in New York, and I have carried this activist spirit with me as I have worked in a variety of positions to expand bikeshare across North America. Now leading micromobility policy at Lyft, the largest bikeshare operator in the United States, I firmly believe in the role that our bikes and scooters can play in creating cities that are more livable, safe, and healthy. At the same time, I believe in NABSA’s role in creating an environment where a diverse array of providers and governments have the standards, know-how, and network to make micromobilty successful. Overseeing Citi Bike, Capital Bikeshare, Divvy, and more, Lyft is now the largest bikeshare operator in North America, and I believe my experience there will provide the NABSA board with an important national view of the most key issues in our field today.