Becky Edmonds

Seattle Department of Transportation

Sector: Government

Why are you interested in being a NABSA Board Member?

As the industry grows and evolves, I’d like to stay closely connected to peers and partners in the industry, as well as be connected to the advocacy that will keep bike share and scooter share relevant and growing for years to come. As the program manager in a large shared mobility market in Seattle, I have a lot of experience to offer to the NABSA board, and also hope to continue learning from NABSA and bringing that back to Seattle. NABSA can continue to bring safety, equity, and climate action — which are at the core of my work — to the forefront in this industry and I’d be thrilled to continue to be a part.

What skills and experience would make you a good NABSA Board Member?

I have over a decade of experience working in the government, including two years managing bike & scooter share in a large market in Seattle. I understand the challenges and opportunities of operating in a complex government environment, and the partnerships that this industry specifically requires.

I’m deeply invested in equity work and am committed to continuing to always deepening my work in this space as a white person. I also specifically have experience working with other white folks to move ourselves in the space of racial equity. I think Seattle’s learnings in this space can be instructive for others, and also I’m hoping to learn from others.

Safety is also at the forefront of my work and a key topic of conversation in our work in Seattle. As someone in a city DOT, I understand and have connections to how our work intersect with improving infrastructure and how we can help push for investment there.

I’ve worked to quantify and tell the story about how bike & scooter share promote climate action, both in our city’s long term planning, as well as with industry partners. I believe I can continue to build on NABSA’s work in this area.

I have and continue to build relationships locally and nationally, and balance that with understanding and working with data, and hope to continue to bring that to the NABSA board.