Q&A with BKT bici pública 

This October, NABSA will convene its annual conference in Guadalajara, Mexico. The NABSA Annual Conference is the leading global venue for shared micromobility and transportation leaders, practitioners, operators, and equipment providers to tackle important issues facing the industry. 

Three years in the making, we are excited to come together for the ¡Vamos! Let’s Go: Defining the Future of Shared Micromobility Together Conference in Guadalajara and join conference host, BKT bici pública, in their city of origin. 

We spoke with Mario Delgado, BKT bici pública Chief Operations Officer and Co-founder about the conference, shared micromobility in Mexico, and more! Here are some of his thoughts.

Q: What is the significance of the conference being hosted in Mexico?
A: It means a lot to recognize Mexico not only as part of NABSA, and North America, but also to recognize it as a country that’s been resilient during the pandemic, and whose cities and civil society have made significant progress and promotion for micromobility. In addition to the fact that Mexico has very successful bikeshare systems, and one of the largest in Latin America, we think that Mexico City, due to its size, dynamics and population, has a lot to teach us at NABSA.

Q: What does hosting the conference mean for BKT, and why did you want to host?
A: For BKT bici pública, it is very important to host the NABSA conference in Guadalajara, our city of origin, to show and share its successful model of public bicycles, its infrastructure and policies and to promote the use of bicycles and many cultural aspects with the community of micromobility experts in North America. It will be the first time that this conference takes place outside the USA and Canada, which will make this edition very special for those of us who usually meet at this event every year. For these reasons, we made the effort to host the conference and bring it to Mexico. BKT is one of the most important companies in Mexico and we operate two of the largest systems in the Americas, so it is a pleasure for us to share our experience with the most relevant micromobility players in North America and the entire world.

Q: What’s your favorite experience from a past conference?
A: The NABSA conference is always a way to get information, make new connections, learn about new technologies and have fun. It is a meeting point where you can directly investigate the most innovative proposals for technology and management of micromobility systems, it broadens the spectrum of knowledge and scope of our industry, and it connects people with similar interests, which makes it very fun.

Q: What are you most excited about for the 2022 conference?
A: Honestly? Everything! It’s going to be such a great conference. But we are really excited for the Keynote speakers: two recognized and important women, with such an exciting trajectory and activism in mobility and multiple subjects.

Q: What do you want people to experience in the mobile workshops?
A: The city and its mobility as its citizens live it on a daily basis. Its architecture and to know the projects that over the last few years have made our city stand out among the best for urban cycling according to ITDP.

Q: If there’s one place people should eat and drink while they’re in Guadalajara, where should they go?
A: If something identifies Guadalajara, it is the variety of food, drink and culture in general that our state, Jalisco, contributes to the country.
Of course we recommend you try the tequila and mezcal from here, as well as the “torta ahogada” (kind of a sandwich with sauce). Our downtown is a great space to get to know, you can’t miss it! Visit the Transportation and Exploration tab on the conference page for information on places to visit!

Q: What’s a recently completed project that you’re excited to share with conference attendees?
A: The renovation of ECOBICI. We’re working with the Mexico City government to renovate over 400 stations, and grow the system to almost 9,000 bikes and over 650 stations. It’s been a great challenge and a continuous growth opportunity that we are excited  to talk about at the NABSA conference.

Q: Why do you value your NABSA membership?
A: We are not many in the industry, we know each other in some way, but being a member of NABSA helps us to better understand colleagues, success stories and experiences in other places first hand and with easy access to information. We really appreciate the monthly webinars and the annual report. 

For more information and to register for the conference, go to nabsa.net/2022conference.