February Knowledge Share Spotlight

Each month we highlight some of the new additions to our members-only Knowledge Share database. Resources in the Knowledge Share range from advocacy tools to examples of RFPs, and includes all of our recorded webinars.

This month we’re highlighting the following resources:

  • NABSA member Biki in Hawaii shared some resources on their system’s growth over the last few years. Their 2019 Pilot Report, read about how Biki came to be, Biki’s impact, and some user testimonials. Check out their Year 2 Facts and Year 3 Facts to learn more about their ridership demographics and trip data.
  • Populus released a new document outlining best practices for MaaS applications and mobility management. Read about the different levels of MaaS, from integrated information to integrated offerings, and the three main approaches to MaaS, including some real examples. Then in Mobility Management, learn about the open ecosystem approach and its benefits, and the why behind open data standards.
  • Are you looking for data on e-bikes, demographic breakdowns, or trip information? Capital Bikeshare publishes its system data here. It’s also available in our Knowledge Share Research & Data section. There you can find trip history data, a real-time GBFS feed, and past member surveys.

Would you like to contribute to our Knowledge Share database? Email aryanna@nabsa.net.