Member Spotlight: LINK by Superpedestrian

Superpedestrian is a transportation robotics company located in Cambridge, MA. Founded out of MIT in 2013, Superpedestrian develops technologies for micro-electric vehicles that optimize safety, reliability, and performance. In January 2020, Superpedestrian launched shared fleets of its new LINK Scooter in over a dozen cities, including Rome, Madrid, and Seattle.  The LINK Scooter is unique because of its patented Vehicle Intelligence System (VIS), a collection of sensors, firmware, and onboard diagnostic technology that monitors the mechanical and electrical status of the entire vehicle in real-time, and autonomously resolving a majority of potential issues.

Recently, they’ve been working towards their goals focused on equity and accessibility. They’ve created programs in Rome and Seattle to provide free rides to healthcare and other essential workers. These rides and registrations continue to increase daily. They launched their LINK-Up initiative, a reduced fare program for qualifying LINK riders across the United States. Their goal is to ensure that high-quality transportation is accessible to as many people as possible by providing rate reductions starting at 70% and varying based on city. LINK-Up is available to anyone enrolled in one or more local, state, or federal assistance programs. In Seattle, discount program trips accounted for 5% of their total rides in January, and that share continues to grow.

Over the past year across New York City, Superpedestrian facilitated safety demonstrations in four of the five boroughs focused on listening to community leaders and organizers, understanding specific neighborhoods’ needs, and answering questions about their vehicles’ safety features. They hosted these events in partnership with Bike New York, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, the Queens Botanical Garden, and the Korean American Association of Greater New York. Additionally, they’ve established an exciting partnership with the Yemeni American Merchants Association. The partnership states that if they receive the contract to operate in NYC, their roll-out will include scooter dock placements at local neighborhood bodegas, helping to boost foot traffic for local businesses and get additional transportation options to residents who need them.

This winter, they also partnered with a local non-profit leader and organizer in Seattle, Elaine Simmons, and her organization, Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets, to help distribute Pace bicycles to teenage girls from low-income homes in the South King Country region.

This year, Superpedestrian releases a new LINK scooter model with even more safety and enhancement features. The scooter will have a new operating system with five microprocessors and 73 sensors, The scooter will be able to conduct its health checks, fine-tune its performance in real-time and remove itself from service if it detects any internal faults. The scooter will also feature a redesigned front fork, making it more durable, safe, and comfortable for riders while navigating bumps.

When asked why they enjoy being a NABSA member, Superpedestrian stated that they value the collaborative spirit we promote. Reading about and learning from other companies, organizations, and cities allows their team to implement innovation that continues to push boundaries. By listening to others, hearing about what has worked and what hasn’t in different regions, they will all be able to work together more efficiently to transform cities and how we get around.