NABSA Releases Updated Core Values

As we embark on a new year, the NABSA team and Board of Directors updated the explanations for our core values to better reflect the evolution of NABSA, our membership base, and the shared micromobility industry. As part of membership in NABSA, all member organizations agree to adhere to these core values through our Code of Conduct.

NABSA has six core values that guide NABSA, our members, and the shared micromobility industry. Our core values are woven into NABSA’s priorities and the work we do on behalf of the industry. At NABSA, we value the following:

  • Safety
  • Community First
  • Cooperation
  • Customer-Focus
  • Transparency
  • Diversity & Equity

As a convener for the shared micromobility industry, NABSA, and its members facilitate collaboration between policy-makers and operators to ensure that shared micromobility contributes, to the greatest extent possible, to safety improvements in transportation systems. Shared micromobility services must be implemented and operated safely. NABSA members must provide and maintain equipment consistent with local, state, province, and federal safety and quality standards appropriate for shared-use vehicles and equipment, as well as maintain safe work environments for employees to carry out their duties. NABSA and its members are proud to contribute to rebuilding streets that are safe for people biking, scooting, rolling, and walking.

Community First
Shared micromobility systems must reflect the needs and requirements of each community in which they operate. NABSA members, fulfilling any role related to shared micromobility, must comply with all applicable local, state, province, and federal laws and regulations, and make efforts to engage communities in the development, implementation, and expansion of the shared micromobility systems that serve them.  NABSA, and members who engage in NABSA initiatives, work for the betterment of our entire shared micromobility community.

Shared micromobility is part of the transportation network. NABSA and our members are committed to working cooperatively with other mobility providers to create an integrated system for users of public transportation.

NABSA exists to serve our members and the shared micromobility industry. Our members continually help to shape the future of the organization. NABSA believes the long-term success of the industry depends on providing a high-quality, inclusive customer experience. This means that systems must make their best efforts to clearly communicate pricing, policies, and other practices to riders, as well as ensure that all customers are treated equitably.

NABSA is transparent about our work and the membership of the organization. Additionally, NABSA members should be transparent when it comes to pricing, membership, purposes of data collection, and service agreements. NABSA members should also willingly share and make available public data that is compliant with the General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS) data standard, as applicable to their role in the industry.

Diversity & Equity
In every area, NABSA  promotes an inclusive culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diverse voices of its staff, members, and the communities they serve. NABSA expects its members to provide shared micromobility services to riders regardless of race, gender, income, age, or immigration status. Members should make good-faith efforts to engage diverse communities that need low-cost, healthy transportation options, as well as seek to increase the diversity of staff at all levels of their organizations.

In 2020, NABSA hosted a workshop series discussing racial inequity in the shared micromobility industry, both in our workplaces and when engaging with our communities. This year we plan to take what we learned from the series and continue to develop resources that help NABSA and our members move from awareness to action.

As we look to the year ahead, we’ll remain steadfast in our commitment to these core values for ourselves, our members, and the industry. We look forward to a great year ahead!

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