NABSA Convenes Members and Announces 2024 Strategic Directions

Each year, the NABSA Board and staff put member feedback to work by incorporating it into strategic directions for the coming year. On January 30th, NABSA hosted a member event announcing our strategic directions for 2024 and offering members an opportunity to meet and connect. 

Check out these highlights from the event:

  • 2030 Roadmap – NABSA board and staff are currently working together to create a 2030 roadmap vision for how we aspire to grow and continue delivering great value to our members by 2030.
  • Advocacy – In 2024, NABSA plans to continue to work on increasing funding and support for shared micromobility at the federal levels in the US and Canada. This includes a focus on 2026 Reauthorization Policies in the US and the Permanent Public Transit Fund in Canada. 
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging – NABSA is excited to again partner with the Better Bike Share Partnership to complement our new toolkit, Building a Better Shared Micromobility Industry: Best Practices for More Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces, to produce shared micromobility workplace video vignettes. Additionally, we will complete the translation of the toolkit to French and expand the concept of belonging in our DEIB initiatives. 
  • Public Funding for Shared Micromobility – NABSA will be hosting a webinar on February 29th at 2pm ET discussing how public organizations in Canada and the United States are putting dollars into shared micromobility, and advocating for eligibility of public funds for shared micromobility. Details coming soon!
  • State of the Industry Report – 2023 State of the Industry Report agency and operator surveys have been distributed! If you are an operator or agency contact for this, please check your inbox for the survey. Thank you in advance for your responses! If you did not receive one, but think you should, please reach out to
  • Research & Data – NABSA continues to engage with shared micromobility research by building relationships with researchers, such as through the Research & Data committee’s recent release of research needs statements, and by developing concepts for shared micromobility resources.
  • 2024 Annual Conference – The 2024 Annual conference will be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 7th through 9th. The call for presentation proposals will open in early March.
  • Member Engagement – Members have a variety of ways to connect with NABSA and other members. These include the monthly newsletter, social media, member-only Slack channel and members-only listserv, member center, various knowledge sharing resources, and member events.

Members can view the event recording and presentation deck by logging into your Member Center account and visiting the virtual events archive. NABSA members that need to create their Member Center account can do so here.