NABSA’s Research & Data Committee Develops Research Needs Statements

Over the last year, NABSA’s Research and Data Committee (R&D) reviewed and determined research needs in shared micromobility. The R&D committee is made up of NABSA Board members and general members from the private, public and nonprofit sectors of shared micromobility, who help develop NABSA’s annual Shared Micromobility State of the Industry Report, build relationships with shared micromobility researchers, and advise on research and data topics. 

After identifying topics that would benefit from additional research, the committee developed research needs statements. These statements provide an overview of the topic, including background information and objectives, the potential benefits of which the research would contribute, and recommended tasks to complete the research.

The committee’s work provides a practitioner perspective of future research needs to help further shared micromobility and our understanding of it, and creates opportunities to be in dialogue with interested researchers. The committee’s hope is that these research needs would inform upcoming research projects and that the research would be funded and pursued. 

In 2023, the R&D committee developed two research needs statements:

Impact of User Pricing and Equity Implications in Shared Micromobility

This research needs statement identifies the opportunity to investigate the impact on users of increasing shared micromobility trip costs and the equity implications.

Impact of Electrified Stations

This research needs statement identifies the opportunity to investigate the benefits and efficiency of electrified shared micromobility charging stations.

If you are a researcher interested in the research needs statements and want additional information, please contact