Member Spotlight: Joyride

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Joyride is a global mobility software platform that powers smart-connected, keyless and shareable vehicle systems. Their software is hardware-agnostic and they aim to support all forms of electric and pedal-powered mobility. They offer tools to manage and scale vehicles through a branded rider application, fleet management dashboard, in-field operations apps and automated features. Additionally, Joyride provides support through vehicle procurement, fleet financing, educational courses, insurance and customized mobility solutions.

Additionally, in the last year they revamped the Joyride Operator App, which is tailored to the needs of micromobility fleet operators. Its goal is to simplify and accelerate key field operations, such as rebalancing. Key features include haptic feedback, instant fleet updates, intuitive ticket management and rapid multi-scanning.

Joyride’s App Plugins marketplace has also been a major development enabling organizations to bolster their business operations through third-party integrated features, such as Apple/Google Pay, Safe Ride DUI gamification tool, in-app ID verification and more.

When asked about the value of NASBA membership, they said that what they love about NABSA is the opportunity to connect with each part of this ecosystem. Speaking with members online and at the annual conference helps their team to determine what’s working and what’s not in shared mobility systems across North America. “These insights (and the state of the industry report) weigh in how we continuously develop the Joyride platform. It’s all about enabling efficient and sustainable mobility systems, and that means collaborating with advocates of shared mobility programs, as well as the end-users of micromobility vehicles and fleet management tools.”

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