NABSA Virtual Events

2024 Strategic Directions + Member Networking

Public Webinar: 2022 State of the Industry

2023 Mid Year Member Call

Shared Micromobility 101

2023 Strategic Directions Call

Public Webinar: 2021 State of the Industry

2022 Mid-Year Member Call

Shared Micromobility Happy Hour

Public Webinar: Climate Impacts & Sustainability

Public Webinar: State of the Industry Canada Roundtable

2022 Strategic Directions Call

Public Webinar: 2020 State of the Industry

2021 Mid-Year Member Call

2020 Mid-Year Member Call

Member Video Call: Navigating COVID-19

Member Call: NABSA 2020 Strategic Directions

Member Webinar: GBFS Enhancements and Good Practice

Webinar: Shared E-Scooter Safety

Member Call: NABSA 2019 Strategic Directions

Festivals and Events

Webinar: Tips For Talking to the Media