NABSA Supports the Bikeshare Transit Act of 2019

Last Friday, the leadership of the Congressional Bike Caucus introduced The Bikeshare Transit Act of 2019. 

This legislation defines bikeshare in US federal statute and makes bikeshare systems eligible to receive funding as a public transportation service or transit facility. NABSA is supporting HR 4001, The Bikeshare Transit Act to remove significant barriers facing new and existing bikeshare projects applying for federal funding.

Through this legislation, bikeshare systems would be eligible to apply for federal funding to acquire or replace bikeshare-related equipment or construct bikeshare facilities. Bikeshare systems will also be explicitly listed as eligible projects under the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program.

The Bikeshare Transit Act of 2019 is a key legislative priority for NABSA in the 116th Congress, and increased federal funding eligibility for bikeshare is one of our requests for FAST Act reauthorization.

How Can NABSA Members Support the Bikeshare Transit Act?

Request that your Congressperson sign on as a co-sponsor.

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