Getting the Most out of NABSA – Part 1

The North American Bikeshare Association (NABSA) connects the biggest minds in bikeshare and shared micromobility to support, promote and enhance shared alternatives to traditional transportation across North America. NABSA is the industry’s membership organization with representation from system owners, operators, host cities, equipment manufacturers and technology providers.

In December 2018, NABSA widened its scope to include other shared micromobility devices. If it fits in a bike lane, it fits in the North American Bikeshare Association.

NABSA provides resources and education and creates a space for the public, private and nonprofit sectors of bikeshare and shared micromobility to convene and empower each other.

Are You Getting the Most Out of NABSA?

In the first part of our three-part series, we’re looking at the online resources you can leverage to get the most out of your NABSA membership. There are three easy first steps you can take to stay at the forefront of issues facing the bikeshare and shared micromobility industry.

1) Sign up for NABSA Emails

Want to receive the latest information on NABSA? Subscribe to NABSA emails! Email subscriptions are free and open to everyone.

We’ll keep you informed on all the issues you care most about with our monthly news roundup. You’ll receive invitations to our events & webinars, and updated information on our Annual Conference. You’ll also see NABSA’s legislative action alerts on the bills and regulations facing bikeshare and shared micromobility.

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2) Access the Knowledge Share

NABSA has redesigned and relaunched our Member Center and Knowledge Share to better serve our members. The new Knowledge Share is easier to access, easier to navigate, and easier to search.

Every employee of a NABSA member organization can set up an account to access to our Knowledge Share database with hundreds of articles and resources. Just sign up with your company email address.

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3) Keep Track of Current Legislation

NABSA is an important advocate for the bikeshare and shared micromobility industry at the federal, state, and local level. Our policy positions are based on NABSA’s core values for the bikeshare and shared micromobility industry: Safety, Community First, Cooperation, Customer-Focused, Transparency, and Diversity & Equity.

NABSA maintains an at-a-glance tool that tracks federal and state legislation. NABSA members are able to view what matters most to the industry.