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The shared micromobility industry is changing at a rapid pace. New innovations bring new opportunities, and policy leaders are rising to meet those challenges. NABSA provides educational events to support members of the industry in all sectors, at all levels of their careers.

NABSA’s two largest educational opportunities are provided through Webinars and the NABSA Annual Conference.

NABSA Member Discussion: Integrating Shared Micromobility and Transitrom traditional buses or trains to new shared micromobility options, an interconnected transit network can mean greater ease of use and more access to opportunity for riders. Especially as we seek to recover from COVID-19 and build better transit networks for the future, coordination, collaboration, and integration between traditional transit and shared micromobility is important. The nuts and bolts can seem daunting, so how do we make it happen? On March 25th, NABSA will hosted a facilitated discussion for members, which began with presentations from speakers at ITDP, SUMC, CapMetro, and Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. Following was a discussion where members shared experiences, ideas, challenges, and asked questions. We talked about how some systems have integrated, the greatest challenges we face, and shared what we can do to overcome them. Missed the live event? You can view the slide deck and presentation recording at the link below.

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NABSA Webinars

NABSA hosts regular webinars on the topics that are important to our members. NABSA Webinars feature leaders in the industry sharing their expertise and lessons learned. Many of these webinars are members-only, but some crucial topics are open to the public. 

Every NABSA member employee has access to our industry-specific webinar series as well as archived webinars in our Knowledge Share database.

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NABSA Annual Conference

The NABSA Annual Conference is the leading global venue for shared micromobility and transportation leaders, practitioners, equipment providers to tackle important issues facing the industry. Several hundred people join each year to learn, network, and chart the future of bikeshare and shared micromobility.

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