Member Spotlight: Urban Sharing

Urban Sharing is a micromobility fleet management platform based in Oslo, Norway. The company started out as a spin-off of the bike share operator of Oslo, and quickly became the software platform of the second and third largest cities in Norway: Bergen and Trondheim. Since then, Urban Sharing has expanded to Milan and Verona in Italy, and recently to Rouen in Northern France. In the case of Milan, Urban Sharing supported the transition of BikeMi to an app-based rental system, integrated with the public transit card, and brought virtual stations to an already avant-guard mixed fleet of pedal and e-bikes.

Urban Sharing is currently expanding to several European cities with the idea that hardware does not necessarily need to go to waste in exchange for a service upgrade. The vision of Urban Sharing is to bring the latest benefits of mobility tech to bikeshare and micromobility while keeping the carbon footprint and waste to the minimum. Following that same path, Urban Sharing’s most recent product launch, Urban Crew, is a dynamic rebalancing app for operators that helps make maintenance and redistribution of fleets as efficient as possible.

When asked about NABSA membership, they said being a member is a key strategic investment for them as they expand beyond the Atlantic and membership helps them keep track of the latest developments in the North American micromobility space. “The conference is a must-attend every year, and Urban Sharing looks forward to continuing to support the growth of North America’s shared micromobility industry.” 

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