Member Spotlight: Alta Planning + Design

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Alta Planning + Design is an international sustainable transportation company dedicated to creating active, healthy communities through planning, landscape architecture, engineering, and education/encouragement programs. They have a long history of work in the shared micromobility space in North America where they focus on helping communities plan, implement, grow, and evaluate shared micromobility systems. 

Alta recently worked with the Toronto Parking Authority on Bike Share Toronto’s Four-year Growth Plan. Implementing the plan will expand bike share to all of Toronto’s 25 wards, prioritizing neighborhoods where residents have the greatest need for affordable mobility options, and increase electrification in the fleet. Alta developed a spatial analysis process, aided by public engagement, to strategically identify and inform where the system should be expanded as part of this growth plan. The plan received national attention after being selected by ITE Canada for consideration in the ‘Planning’ category of the ITE International Transportation Achievement Award Program. 

When asked what they value about being a NABSA member, Alta said that they value all of the people and organizations that NABSA brings together. They said that through resources, webinars, and most of all, the annual conference, NABSA creates spaces where they are always learning from fellow members.  

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Analysis process for the Bike Share Toronto Plan