Member Spotlight: Skyhook Solar

Skyhook Solar is a leader in clean energy solutions for charging electric vehicles and micromobility fleets, including electric bikes and scooters. Skyhook’s solar stations can be rolled out fast and at scale to not only deliver EV and micromobility charging solutions but also to bring broadband internet to places where it currently does not exist.

Skyhook Solar’s goal is to support the growth of shared, sustainable micromobility with modular, movable solar generators. The stations are designed to provide access to power without the challenges of grid-tied charging infrastructure, and can be deployed in hours in both rural areas and bustling cities.

In 2021, WE-cycle and Skyhook Solar, piloted the first solar-powered electric bikeshare docks in the United States. Building on the pilot’s success, Skyhook Stations were deployed in five new locations in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado in 2022. The expanded network included seven Skyhook Solar Stations and powered WE-cycle’s growing fleet of 52 ebikes. The network saw over 46,000 ebike rides powered entirely by solar. Most recently, SkyHook launched a Solar Station with MoGo Detroit.

Solar Station in Aspen, Colorado

When asked what they value about being a NABSA member, Skyhook Solar said that they’re grateful to be a part of an organization at the forefront of the micromobility movement – and one that supports companies building the infrastructure to enable it.

“This year Skyhook attended NABSA’s annual conference in Guadalajara – an integral part in an ongoing, international cooperative that is truly changing mobility for the better,” said Daniel Delano president and CEO of Skyhook, “… we strongly believe in the transformative power of shared micromobility and NABSA provides an opportunity to collaborate, share our technology and support the movement.”

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