NABSA and Members Celebrate Shared Micromobility’s Role in Getting People Where They Need To Go

We have a lot to celebrate with Bike Month in the US in May, Bike Month in Canada in June, and International Bicycling Day on June 3rd! To NABSA, Bike Month celebrations are also a time to recognize all shared micromobility modes and how shared micromobility helps people get to where they need to go, whether that is to work, to access essential goods and services, to enjoy the outdoors, meet up with friends, and more.

Bike Month and Bicycling Day is an opportunity to celebrate the great work done by NABSA members and the shared micromobility industry to offer people mobility options beyond vehicle trips and increase awareness of these modes and the people who rely on them. We covered some of this great work in recent posts. For example, we explored shared micromobility as a climate action tool, how shared micromobility can be integrated with transit to increase access and lower the number of car trips, and how shared micromobility is a mobility solution on college campuses.

Read below about how NABSA members are celebrating micromobility in May and June!

Bicycle Transit Systems
From April 23 to May 31, Bicycle Transit Systems’ Indego Bikeshare is offering a $5 Indego30 pass and a $2.50 Indego30 Access pass for new riders. Learn more here.

Capital Bikeshare
On Bike to Work Day, Capital Bikeshare extended its membership benefits to all users by providing free 45-minute rides on their pedal bikes and discounted e-bike rides. Learn more here.

Fort Worth Bike Share
From April 22 to May 20, Fort Worth Bike Sharing provided free annual passes to riders who biked to work on five separate days on personal bikes or Fort Worth Bike Share bikes. Learn more here.

On Bike to Work Day, POGOH provided unlimited 30-minute rides and participated in pop-up Commuter Cafes that provided coffee, pastries, and swag. Learn more here.

From May 15 to May 28, Spin is providing a $5 off promo code redeemable within the Spin app. Learn more here.

From June 15 to July 30, Superpedestrian’s “Real Transportation” campaign provides free rides and highlights the kinds of essential trips taken on shared micromobility. Additionally, five US riders who complete a short form will win free rides for a year. Learn more here.

Vancouver Bike Share (dba Mobi by Shaw Go)
Mobi by Shaw Go is providing free 24 Hour Passes during Go by Bike Week from May 30 to June 5 to make their bikes more accessible and encourage behavioral change. Learn more here.