Meet NABSA’s Newly Elected Board Members!

During our annual conference this year, NABSA members elected six new members to our Board of Directors. The Board of Directors helps to guide the actions of NABSA to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our members and serving and advancing the shared micromobility industry.

Terms are two years for all seats, except the two allocated seats, which renew each year. Given the current make-up of the NABSA Board of Directors, the following positions were filled this year:

  • 2 Non-profit
  • 2 Government
  • 2 from any member category

NABSA would like to welcome the following  newly elected members to our Board of Directors:

  • Stefanie Brodie – Toole Design
  • Gian Carlo Crivello – PBSC
  • Steve Hoyt-McBeth – Portland Bureau of Transportation
  • Waffiyyah Murray – City of Philadelphia
  • Adriel Thornton – MoGo Detroit
  • David White – Bike Share Pittsburgh

And welcome the two members filling the allocated positions this year:

  • Caroline Samponaro – Lyft
  • Laurence Wilse-Samson – Bird

Thank you to all nominees for their interest in serving on our Board. If you were not elected this year, we encourage you to try again at next year’s conference!

Learn more about our new Board of Directors by clicking on each name below. View our full Board of Directors here.

2021 Newly Elected Board Members

Why are you interested in being a NABSA Board Member?

As Executive Director of Detroit’s non-profit bikeshare system, I want to contribute my skills and knowledge to this great national organization.

What skills and experience would make you a good NABSA Board Member?

My skills include running a non-profit organization and serving as that non-profit’s marketing and community outreach director. As a person of color, my perspective would be a great addition to NABSA’s Board.

Why are you interested in being a NABSA Board Member?

I am devoted to changing the transportation landscape in American cities. I feel strongly that short scooter and bicycle trips are strong tools for positive change and I believe that NABSA, as a coherent collection of voices, can advance that message at a large scale. Bike Share has the potential to help alter the way humans move in cities and I feel honored to be a part of that.

What skills and experience would make you a good NABSA Board Member?

I have served on the NABSA board for a few years and I take my current role of board President very seriously. If we truly want to change North American transportation we need bold ideas and leadership. Climate, racial and economic inequity, and policy misalignment are challenges more pressing now than ever before. Thankfully, navigating the fast-paced changes in shared micro-mobility has been a challenge made easier by the talent and dedication of NABSA’s board and staff and I’ve been lucky to work closely with Sam Herr, who I believe is one of the most competent leaders I’ve known. In my board work, I think my experience as a non-profit leader has helped shape the strategic targets that NABSA is now considering. The NABSA board of directors is a group of incredibly talented people representing the deliberately broad membership of our industry. Our bylaws require the new election of a board president this year; I’m happy to step aside from that responsibility and happy to see another board member take on that role, but I also believe that some degree of continuity on the board will be very helpful in the coming year. I am running for another term because I think my unrelenting enthusiasm for walking, rolling, and biking, and my proven record of leadership in my day job and on the board, can help shape both the future of NABSA and the future of our entire industry.

Why are you interested in being a NABSA Board Member?

Having been in the micromobility industry for over 12 years and a supporter of NABSA since 2014, it is long overdue that I get further involved with NABSA. My industry experience allows me to provide input on the resources and education programs NABSA provides. NABSA’s core values are completely in line with mine, both on a personal and professional level. Values such as Safety, Community, Cooperation, Customer Focused, Transparency and Diversity & Equity are what I’ve been pushing for since I started at PBSC in 2009 and have enabled me to gain valuable lessons and lifelong partnerships and friends in the micromobility industry.

What skills and experience would make you a good NABSA Board Member?

For over 12 years, I have been involved in many different bike-sharing capacities (Supply Chain, Business Development, Operations, Marketing, Product Design, etc.) allowing me to bring a complete perspective to the table. This experience has been acquired with my direct involvement in over 40 bike-share systems notably: Bixi Montreal, Toronto Bike Share, MoGo Detroit, WeCycle Aspen, Bicing Barcelona, Santander Cycle Hire London and many more. What really allows me to stand out is my 360-degree vision of how to successfully market, deploy and turnkey launch bikesharing solutions. This knowledge can be particularly valuable for NABSA members as we all try to push the industry forward in the post-pandemic era of micromobility. This experience is supplemented with involvement in industry organizations such a CIE (Cycling Industries Europe) and involvement in many other micro-mobility partnerships.

Why are you interested in being a NABSA Board Member?

NABSA plays a critical role in micromobility and micromobility is critical to increasing accessibility for everyone, especially those who do not have automobiles. As a NABSA Board Member, I want to help the organization plan strategically to continue to be an industry-leading resource for shared, active mobility among the widening range of vehicles and changing models of service. I want to continue to help our members provide these critical services.

As a Board member, I have supported the Research and Data Committee. This committee has an opportunity to provide guidance to NABSA’s members on critical issues related to the expanding world of micromobility, such as privacy and program evaluation. During my time on the committee, I’ve supported the Privacy Principles Partnership, reviewed the first two installments of the State of the Industry Report, and lent my expertise to research inquiries. I would continue to support the work of this committee as a Board Member.

What skills and experience would make you a good NABSA Board Member?

I have unique experience related to the regulation and evaluation of dockless bike and scooter programs. My entree into micromobility was as a Research Program Specialist at the District Department of Transportation in Washington, DC. I worked extensively with the Policy and Legislative Affairs and Sustainable Transportation branches as we established the new dockless mobility program. I supported program evaluation efforts and worked directly with the service providers to receive data on the services. I helped DDOT intake, process, and use this data.

I am currently the Research Practice Lead at Toole Design Group. I lead and support a wide range of projects related to equity, safety, and new mobility. I continue to work on projects related to micromobility data and system evaluation as well as more general micromobility program support and active transportation planning.

Specific to the position as Board Member, I have completed one term on the NABSA Board, serving as secretary and on the Research and Data committee. I have also served on many executive boards including the Board of Directors for Young Professionals in Transportation and the TRB Committee on Social and Economic Factors.

I have a background in research, transportation equity, strategic planning, and performance-based decision making. I am a skilled writer, critical thinker, and motivated supporter of active transportation.

Why are you interested in being a NABSA Board Member?

NABSA is our industry’s convener, advocate and educator. We need a strong and vibrant NABSA to increase government investment, address our industry’s pressing problems, and keep our nonprofit, private and government in dialogue and partnership.

I want to continue bringing more value to our members and industry by my board service, and especially by bringing new resources to NABSA. I promise to continue to dedicate myself as a board and committee member to finding more financial resources and innovative solutions.

What skills and experience would make you a good NABSA Board Member?

For the past seven years, I have served in a number of roles to support NABSA’s growth. I currently chair the Development (fundraising) Committee, and previously served as President, Secretary, Research and Data Chair.

In my day job, I manage Portland’s bike share program (BIKETOWN) and transportation demand management programs, along with supervising eight staff at the Portland Bureau of Transportation. In addition, I oversee Adaptive BIKETOWN, the first adaptive bike rental service focused on people with disabilities to be co-branded with a bikeshare service.

Why are you interested in being a NABSA Board Member?

I’ve been an active member of NABSA for the last 4 years, and I stand behind its mission of access and equity within the shared micomobility industry. NABSA and BBSP also have a very strong and productive working relationship. In addition to partnering on the shared BBSP/NABSA conference in 2018, I’ve served annually on the NABSA conference planning committee helping to ensure that equity is integrated throughout the conference content and speakers. I was also a co-creator of the NABSA Workforce Diversity Toolkit and the upcoming Policy Principles guide. I would like to serve on the NABSA board to further support their work as a leader in shared micomobility while carrying forward our aligned mission of DEI and having diverse voices at all levels especially leadership.

What skills and experience would make you a good NABSA Board Member?

I am a nationally recognized expert in the realm of transportation equity with a background in nonprofit leadership and youth development. For the past 14 years, I have devoted my professional life to serving marginalized communities. As manager of the Better Bike Share Partnership, I work to address barriers to the use of bike share for individuals with low income and BIPOC communities, while increasing equitable access in shared micromobility systems worldwide. As a result, I have helped make Philadelphia’s Indego bikeshare system a national leader in bike share equity, while providing technical assistance to numerous cities, advocates, and operators on how to incorporate equity and meaningful community engagement throughout their shared micromobility systems.