Member Spotlight – Blue Krewe

Blue Krewe is a local, community-based non-profit that manages and operates the Blue Bikes bikeshare program in New Orleans. Recognizing the importance of Blue Bikes as a healthy, equitable, and environmentally-friendly transportation option, local bikeshare enthusiasts, such as former Blue Bikes staff, biking and pedestrian advocates, philanthropists, and community healthcare advocates, came together to form Blue Krewe in 2020. Blue Krewe’s governance structure as a community-based non-profit organization is specifically designed to ensure the long-term sustainability of an equitable bikeshare program in New Orleans. Thanks to the support of members of the Greater New Orleans community and partners, Blue Krewe is now preparing to relaunch the Blue Bikes program by September 1st with a fleet of 500 pedal-assist e-bikes.

Through dedicated outreach with specific metrics to measure progress, Blue Krewe will have a particular focus on serving and connecting areas identified in the City of New Orleans’ Bicycle Equity Index to job centers and amenities. Additionally, Blue Krewe will ensure that bikeshare is easily accessible for residents of color and low-wealth communities, residents who work in the service and hospitality industry, and residents who lack access to other transportation options. Through the Blue Bikes for All program, New Orleans residents who qualify for Medicaid or Louisiana Purchase (S/NAP) will be able to access a reduced plan of $4 per month.

Along with strong support from members of the New Orleans community, Blue Krewe received critical start-up funding and fiscal sponsorship from the Greater New Orleans Foundation. Blue Krewe’s additional key partners are the City of New Orleans, Bike Easy, and the Blue Bikes title sponsor, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.

Blue Krewe finds value in being a NABSA member by collaborating with peer organizations in the bikeshare and shared micromobility world. Additionally, Blue Krewe is grateful to access the plethora of NABSA’s resources and knowledge-sharing platforms, such as NABSA’s database of educational resources and regular NABSA webinars with key themes related to relevant industry trends. Through these connections and NABSA resources, Blue Krewe can strengthen the Blue Bikes bikeshare program!

Learn more about Blue Krewe or the Blue Bikes program at and follow them @BlueBikesNola on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!