NABSA and Project Partners Discuss the Importance and Impact of the 2020 Shared Micromobility State of the Industry Report

On August 5th, NABSA released the second annual Shared Micromobility State of the Industry Report for North America. The 2020 report quantifies the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on shared micromobility and demonstrates the industry’s response and resilience during this time to provide essential mobility services. The report also compares trends from 2019 and presents new research that shows the impact of the industry in North America. NABSA, along with partners Toole Design and UC Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center, discussed what’s new in the report, highlighted impactful statistics, and discussed the methodology for its development.

The webinar kicked off with Sam Herr, Executive Director of NABSA, highlighting impactful statistics from the report, including:

  • North American micromobility riders took 83.4 million trips across 169,000 vehicles and 224 cities
  • 36% of shared micromobility trips replaced an auto trip, resulting in 12.2 million hours of additional physical activity and an offset of 29 million pounds of CO₂ emissions when comparing trips alone
  • 69% of North American cities required GBFS

Elliot Martin of the UC Berkeley TSRC spoke to the complexities related to the survey data and how the report’s production relies heavily on it. Adrian Witte from Toole Design explained the report’s data sources and the survey response rates. UC Berkeley Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Susan Shaheen, discussed the importance of establishing key metrics for the industry to track its growth, interesting trends presented in the latest report, and her projections for the future.


  • Sam Herr, NABSA
  • Adrian Witte, PE – Toole Design
  • Professor Susan Shaheen, Ph.D. – UC Berkeley Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and TSRC
  • Elliot Martin, Ph.D. – UC Berkeley TSRC

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