Get the Most Out of Your NABSA Membership

Being a NABSA member provides numerous benefits for the organization and its employees. From webinars and resources to a community of like-minded professionals, we provide the tools members need to excel, grow, and connect. Here’s how to get the most value from your NABSA membership:

Get Your Employees Involved

All employees of member organizations qualify for a NABSA member account whether you have 5 or 500 staff members. Share this link with your employees and encourage them to create an account in order to gain access to our members-only webinars, Knowledge Share database, and more.

Join Webinars

NABSA hosts numerous webinars throughout the year ranging in topics from data privacy to advocacy. This members-only amenity is cited by members as one of the most useful benefits. Members can also access our Webinar Archive to view past webinars.

View our Knowledge Share Database

NABSA searches for and compiles industry-related resources into a comprehensive databank known as our Knowledge Share. It features studies, example documents and templates, operational information, and much more. Members can contribute to the Knowledge Share by emailing

Network with Other Industry Professionals

NABSA regularly looks for new ways for our members to interact with each other. Most recently, we launched our Individual Member Directory which allows members to search for and connect with other individuals. We also have a Slack Workspace for members to share information and connect with others. It’s a place where we post NABSA announcements in real-time. Individuals needing access to Slack can email Finally, we have a members-only listserv that members have used to share RFPs and other announcements.

Attend the Annual Conference

The NABSA Conference connects the biggest minds in bikeshare and shared micromobility to support, promote, and enhance the industry across North America. It’s the most valuable networking and learning opportunity that we offer. Member organizations receive a number of complimentary tickets based on their membership level.

This is just a snapshot of the benefits associated with a NABSA membership. We encourage our members to engage with all of the benefits available to them. Have questions about your membership or what benefits are available to you? Email

Not a NABSA member? Learn about membership here.