NABSA Hosts Public Webinar Discussing Micromobility and its Response to COVID-19

On Wednesday, April 9, NABSA brought together representatives from member organizations for a webinar discussing how they’ve responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is no Shared Micromobility 101 for navigating a pandemic. With the COVID-19 situation continually evolving, businesses closing, and shelter-at-home orders being issued, how do we prepare and respond to ensure that we serve our communities in the best ways we can? On this public webinar, we heard from peers from JUMP by Uber, Bird, Houston Bike Share, City of Philadelphia, Bicycle Transit Systems, and Lyft to learn from their different responses to this unique challenge, and the impacts that they are facing.

The discussion included how systems are collaborating with city officials, changes in operations, cleaning protocols, and more. Also highlighted were the additional efforts systems are taking to serve their communities, including free rides for essential workers and free or discounted trips for residents.

The webinar ended with a recap of NABSA’s response to COVID-19, including continued advocacy, member calls, and the early launch of our Slack Workspace. Additionally, NABSA will be sharing a tracker detailing the status of micromobility systems and their response to COVID-19.

This webinar discussing COVID-19 was a public webinar. NABSA regularly hosts additional webinars throughout the year, available only to members. Click here to learn more about becoming a NABSA member.

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  • Beth Martin, Houston Bike Share
  • Maurice Henderson, Bird
  • Colin Hughes, JUMP by Uber
  • Aaron Ritz, City of Philadelphia
  • Alison Cohen, Bicycle Transit Systems
  • Caroline Samponaro and Laura Fox, Lyft
  • Sam Herr, NABSA