Navigating Change in the Bikeshare and Shared Micromobility Industry

The bikeshare and shared micromobility industry has been rapidly changing over the last two years through acquisitions, start-ups, ebikes, and scooters. How do we continue to adapt and innovate during these changes? In an in-depth discussion, speakers from all sectors delved into the growing pains and opportunities presented by new technologies and a shifting landscape of startups.

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Key discussion points include:

Incorporating new technologies into established fleets: How can dockless bikes, ebikes, and scooters, be incorporated into existing fleets during expansion? Speakers discuss the logistic and political challenges surrounding emerging modes of shared micromobility.

Building successful partnerships to support technology changes: Working with right of way owners, operators, and more to transitioning systems from docked to hybrid docked/dockless systems.

Improving and growing investment through the contracting processes: Spurring private investment in public and nonprofit-owned systems through the RFP process, while maintaining system principles of inclusion, safety, and .

Blending bikeshare and shared micromobility systems in smaller communities: How can systems determine appropriate service area size, the best number of vendors to incorporate, and how to mix systems in communities smaller than 200,000 in population.

Speakers included:

  • Sean Wiedel, Assistant Commissioner, Chicago Department of Transportation
  • Bill Dossett, Executive Director, Nice Ride Minnesota
  • Elliott McFadden, Executive Director, Austin BCycle
  • Lindsey G. West, CEO, Bantam Strategy Group
  • Caroline Samponaro, Head of Micromobility Policy, Lyft
  • Colin Hughes, Head of Policy: Bikes + Scooters, JUMP
Watch the recorded webinar in NABSA’s Knowledge Share.
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