Member Webinar:  Navigating Change in the Bikeshare and Shared Micromobility Industry

April 30, 12-1:15pm EST

The bikeshare and shared micromobility industry has been rapidly changing over the last two years through acquisitions, start-ups, ebikes, and scooters. How do we continue to adapt and innovate during these changes? Join us as we hear how Nice Ride reconceptualized its role as a non-profit operator, how Bike Share of Austin added scooters into its operations, about Divvy’s new Lyft sponsorship deal and how they have navigated changes in their operations team, and about Ann Arbor’s journey through restructuring bikeshare in their community and current bikeshare modernization plan. Additionally, we’ll hear from JUMP and Lyft about what these changes in the industry have meant for the drivers of that change, and how they have been navigating new terrain.




  • Sean Wiedel, Assistant Commissioner, Chicago Department of Transportation
  • Bill Dossett, Executive Director, Nice Ride Minnesota
  • Elliott McFadden, Executive Director, Austin BCycle
  • Lindsey G. West, CEO, Bantam Strategy Group
  • Caroline Samponaro, Head of Micromobility Policy, Lyft
  • Colin Hughes, Head of Policy: Bikes + Scooters, JUMP
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