The 2019 NABSA Annual Conference Pedals East to Indy

Get ready for an adventure – our 2019 NABSA Annual Conference heads to Indianapolis next fall, September 30-October 2. We’re very excited about next year’s location, so we included some insider highlights below.

First off, we’re calling Indianapolis by its local name: Indy.

The locals bike all over the place: the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Monon, Pleasant Run Trail and many other areas. Indy has more than 80 miles of connected trails and greenways starting or ending in the city. You can even find art along the way.

The city has its own bikeshare system: Pacers Bikeshare. By the time you come visit, the system will have doubled its size to 500 bikes and 50 stations.

Indy also has delicious food and drink options. The city boasts more than 44 breweries as well as a fun and vibrant night scene.

However, the best part about Indy isn’t its beautiful trails or tasty food…it’s the people — and they can’t wait to meet you at #BikeshareConference2019.