NABSA Expels ofo US Limited for Code of Conduct Violation

NORTH AMERICA, March 22, 2018 — The North American Bikeshare Association (NABSA) announces the expulsion of former member ofo US Limited, effective March 21, 2018. The expulsion came after failure to comply with NABSA’s Code of Conduct policy, which outlines six core principles required for all members to follow.

As the leading authority for the bikeshare industry, our Code of Conduct encompasses the values that are most important for the success of systems across the U.S.,” says NABSA Executive Director Samantha Herr. “All members are expected to adhere to these guidelines to keep bikeshare systems safe, equitable, reliable and supportive of the existing transportation landscape.”

On January 3, NABSA received a formal complaint from a member against ofo regarding its lobbying efforts for harmful Florida bikeshare bills SB 1304 and HB 1033. While lobbying efforts are not in themselves a violation of the policy, ofo’s lobbying activity was in violation of the Code of Conduct’s Community First clause because the bill preempted local control over bikeshare implementation, undercut years of hard work, investment and success of current bikeshare programs in Florida, as well as could have subjected the public to unnecessary safety hazards.

In response, NABSA’s board of directors initiated its Disciplinary Review process as well as an investigation into the validity of the complaint. On February 5, an official hearing found the complaint to be valid. On February 20, ofo was sent a letter of notification including disciplinary action measures, of which ofo has not come into compliance.

According to Herr, ofo’s actions following the notification made clear its lack of intent to abide by NABSA’s Code of Conduct. Details of the expulsion are as follows:

  • ofo will only be eligible to reapply for membership to NABSA under the following conditions:
    1. At least one year has passed since date of expulsion; and
    2. Change in administration of ofo U.S. Limited; and/or
    3. Change in willingness to comply with NABSA Code of Conduct as evidenced by written statement to that effect.
  • ofo will not be eligible for the following until successful reapplication and acceptance as a NABSA member:
    1. Sponsorship of any NABSA-hosted event or forum, including but not limited to the annual NABSA conference and all NABSA webinars 
    2. Speaking opportunities at any NABSA-hosted event or forum, including but not limited to the annual NABSA conference and all NABSA webinars
  • NABSA will make public the terms surrounding ofo’s expulsion from NABSA 

“NABSA does not tolerate any member whose actions have the potential to harm other bikeshare operators or remove local control,” says Herr. “It’s unfortunate that ofo chose not to comply with our guidelines, however we will continue to support the efforts of all members who uphold the ideals of the Code of Conduct.”

Herr and the board of directors welcome any questions regarding the complaint, investigative process or resulting expulsion. 

For more information on NABSA’s Code of Conduct policy and procedures, please click here.

Read the ofo Determination Letters:

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