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Technology: Smartphone Applications to Influence Travel Choices

This primer provides an overview of current practices in this emerging field and looks toward the future in the evolution and development of smartphone applications for the transportation sector.

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Equity: Micromobilityʻs Opportunity to Serve the Underserved Edges

Having the ability to choose among many different modes of transportation is one benefit of city living. However, that benefit may not be accessible to all. Remix believes that if guided correctly, new mobility (or “micromobility,” as we’ll describe it here) can improve access to the greater transportation system in new and important ways.

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Technology: Private Data Islands or Public Data Oasis?

Public, real-time Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are critical pieces of data infrastructure that facilitate multimodal, multi-operator trips, promote a fair and competitive mobility marketplace, and enable the public to help determine whether a public mobility program’s goals are being met.

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