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2018 Conference- Keynote Videos

2018 Conference- Bikeshare for Life/Bikeshare for a Living: Bikeshare’s role in workforce development and mobility

2018 Conference- Bikeshare to the Future: Experiments, business models and change in the new world of bikeshare

2018 Conference- E-Bikeshare: What we’re learning, what we know

2018 Conference- To Dock or Not to Dock: Discussing best practices in dockless bikeshare performance, evaluation and regulation

2018 Conference- To Infinity (or at least the city line) and Beyond!: bikeshare across regional boundaries

2018 Conference- Incentivize! The role of incentives in developing operational efficiencies and community opportunities

2018 Conference- One Account to Rule Them All: the importance of seamlessness in providing a multi-modal transportation network

2018 Conference- Beyond the Bike: aligning bikeshare to meet community needs

2018 Conference- What does bikeshare tell us: Unpacking the bikeshare big data mystery and lessons learned

2018 Conference- The Unusual Suspects: Trailblazing the future of bikeshare marketing

2018 Conference- Innovate! (or at least imitate): Best practices for solving new operational challenges in bikeshare

2018 Conference- Standardizing Bikeshare: The GBFS and other innovations to share data

2018 Conference- Is there life after Bikeshare? Planning for infrastructure end of life and rehabilitation

2018 Conference- The Culture of Bikeshare: Events and community engagement as relationship building tools

Conference 2018- Bikeshare IS all around us: Integrating bikeshare into the overall transportation network

2018 Conference- The Price is Right? Best practices in pricing bikeshare and getting it right!

2018 Conference- Big Brother is Watching?: The importance of bikeshare data privacy


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