Board Member

Ben Bolte


Bikeshare System Affiliation(s):


Why is being a board member of NABSA important to you?

I’m a founding member of NABSA. And it’s been my privilege to work in this industry from both the public and private side for the last eight years. Our young industry is at a tipping point. It’s incredibly important that we move forward with thoughtful action that is both progressive and conservative. My experience and passion for this industry is profound. I want to serve on this board to help our industry get bigger and better without losing track of why we started working in bike share to begin with.

What experience or insight do you bring to your position on the board?

For the last eight years I’ve had the opportunity to work in a variety of roles in the bike sharing space for both the public and private sector including:

    • Researching bike share for our city
    • Writing the RFP for our city
    • Vendor selection
    • Board member recruitment & selection
    • Fundraising & financial management
    • Procurement & deployment
    • Branding
    • Communications & media relations
    • Staff management
  • Strategic planning & data analysis

As the Founder & Executive Director of Salt Lake City’s non-profit bike share (GREENbike) I’ve secured $14M in private sponsorships and public grants in the 124th largest market in the country. I’ve expanded our organization by more than 400% since we launched. We’ve secured funding for expansions every year through 2024. We’ve built up operational cash reserves. Every bike has been ridden multiple times a day, every day, since we’ve launched. And I’ve only lost one full-time employee in nearly seven years.

I’ve taken an organization from conception to expansion. I know what it takes to keep an organization healthy and sustainable. And it’s more than talking points. It requires thoughtful analysis, planning and action. As a NABSA board member in the non-profit category, I would bring an expertise and understanding that would represent non-profit bike shares from across the country. I’ve been lucky enough to cultivate friendships with many of my non-profit and for-profit peers. And as we know, this industry is about relationships. I am grateful for the opportunity to help guide our nascent industry as a NABSA board member as bike sharing enters a new chapter.