Board Member

Pierre-Luc Marier

BIXI Montréal

Why is being a board member of NABSA important to you?
In my role as the Director of Integrated Marketing, Communication, and Public Affairs for BIXI Montréal, my interest in becoming a board member of The North American Bikeshare Association (NABSA) stems from a deep commitment to advancing the bikeshare industry and aligning our organization with best practices, industry standards, and collaborative opportunities. Here’s why I am interested in this role:

First and foremost, serving as a NABSA board member provides a unique opportunity to actively shape the future of the bikeshare industry in North America. BIXI Montréal has established itself as a key player in this sector, and by participating at the board level, I can play a pivotal role in influencing industry standards, best practices, and policies that directly affect our operations.

NABSA is not just an association; it serves as a central hub for knowledge sharing and collaboration within the bikeshare community. Through board membership, I can leverage the collective expertise and experiences of industry leaders, city officials, and stakeholders. This collaboration is invaluable for staying at the forefront of industry trends, operational innovations, and emerging technologies, all of which can significantly benefit BIXI Montréal’s continued growth and success.

As a director overseeing integrated marketing, communication, and public affairs, I understand the importance of effective advocacy and clear communication in promoting bikesharing as a sustainable and accessible mode of transportation. By joining NABSA, I can amplify our voice and contribute to advocacy efforts that champion bikesharing’s environmental benefits, urban mobility solutions, and positive community impact. This advocacy is crucial for garnering support from policymakers and the public alike, facilitating the expansion of bikeshare systems like ours.

Inclusivity and sustainability are core tenets of BIXI Montréal’s mission. Through NABSA, I can actively contribute to initiatives aimed at promoting equitable access to bikesharing, ensuring that it serves all members of the community, regardless of their socioeconomic background or physical abilities. Additionally, the board membership allows me to advocate for and learn from programs that prioritize environmental sustainability, aligning with our commitment to reducing carbon emissions and fostering greener urban environments.

It also offers opportunities for my professional growth, enabling me to learn from peers and contribute my expertise to shape the future of bikesharing in North America. By taking on this role, I aim to advance the bikeshare industry while simultaneously enhancing the success and impact of BIXI Montréal.

What experience or insight do you bring to your position on the board?
My extensive background as the Director of Integrated Marketing, Communication, and Public Affairs at BIXI Montréal, combined with my solid academic foundation, uniquely qualifies me to be a valuable NABSA Board Member. Over the course of a decade, I have consistently delivered results and demonstrated a strong track record in critical areas that align with NABSA’s mission and objectives.

First and foremost, my role in BIXI Montréal, where I was responsible for 90% of annual revenues and successfully closed $35.5 million in sponsorships, highlights my expertise in revenue generation and partnership cultivation. These skills can be instrumental in helping NABSA secure funding and engage strategic partners to advance its initiatives.

Furthermore, my experience in driving a remarkable 400% sales growth in just two years through innovative digital channels showcases my proficiency in digital marketing and customer acquisition. In an increasingly digital world, this expertise is crucial for NABSA to effectively connect with its members and stakeholders.

My involvement as a member of the management committee and board of directors’ marketing committee underscores my strategic leadership capabilities. I have a proven ability to contribute to high-level decision-making, which can help shape NABSA’s strategic direction and drive its success.

Additionally, my role in directing and managing international digital projects with a substantial budget of $10 million demonstrates my adeptness in project management—a skill vital for overseeing NABSA’s multifaceted initiatives.

Complementing my professional experience, my academic qualifications, including a Master’s in Public Administration, Diplomacy, and International Management, provide a strong foundation for policy discussions and advocacy, essential for NABSA’s work in shaping bikeshare policies.

In conclusion, I am well-positioned to provide NABSA members with clear and practical advice rooted in a decade of marketing experience. My skills and experiences align with NABSA’s objectives, and I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to the organization’s growth and the advancement of the bikeshare industry in North America.