Board Member

Nelle Pierson

Ride Report

Why is being a board member of NABSA important to you?
NABSA is critical to representing and advancing our industry – and I’m excited to roll up my sleeves, bring my 10 years of experience, and do my part.

I’m an optimist. I believe shared micromobility can and will be treated like a critical public service; one that’s highly reliable, accessible for all backgrounds and body types, that connects to public transit, and runs on networks of safe and protected infrastructure. We’re getting there.

I am committed to NABSA’s DEIA programming and accountability. I bring my dedication to vulnerability, listening, and having difficult conversations on social positioning and systemic powers and privileges. I’ve helped lead some of this programming, and continue to learn how much I need to continue to learn. I believe in naming, addressing, and repairing inequities across transportation, our work, organizations, and everyday interactions.

I believe our work is climate work. I’m thrilled by NABSA’s initiative to build a broad and consistent Federal-level coalition. Shared has an incredible (and underutilized) opportunity in storytelling, and I want to help NABSA harness stories to ensure shared bikes and scooters are considered a mainstream climate solution.

What experience or insight do you bring to your position on the board?
I got hooked on bike share back in 2008. As a sophomore in college, I volunteered to help launch B-Cycle in Denver at the DNC. I was studying social movements, climate policy, and economics, and it made so much sense to me to treat bikes as a public good.

After school, I moved to DC and interned with the team rolling out Cabi. Soon after, I got an entry-level role at the Washington Area Bicyclist Association and worked my way up to Deputy Director, where I led six years of campaigns, education, and outreach programming. Because of some of this work, I was named Advocate Of The Year for North America.

In 2017, I joined Social Bicycles, turned JUMP, then JUMP by Uber. Bringing electric bike share around the world, leading a 14-person local marketing team, was a dream come true. It ended pretty abruptly, without much care. But, I learned a lot and we surely left our mark.

Now I’m Head of Strategy at Ride Report. I get to work on Ride Report’s next phase of products that make Shared data more sophisticated, representative, and available to the public to help accelerate our industry. We just launched the Global Micromobility Dashboard and have some other big ideas in the works.

I bring the following skills:

  • Campaign work. This is my jam. From neighborhood to global campaigns, this is the stuff that makes me tick.
  • Coalition-building. I’m a connector, recruiter, rapport-builder, and tactful coordinator.
  • Fundraising. I led a major donor program, ran sponsorships and brand partnerships, and directed fundraising strategy at a 20-person non-profit.
  • Follow-through.