Board Member

Gian-Carlo Crivello

PBSC Urban Solutions Inc.

Why is being a board member of NABSA important to you?
Having been in the micromobility industry for over 12 years and a supporter of NABSA since 2014, it is long overdue that I get further involved with NABSA. My industry experience allows me to provide input on the resources and education programs NABSA provides. NABSA’s core values are completely in line with mine, both on a personal and professional level. Values such as Safety, Community, Cooperation, Customer Focused, Transparency and Diversity & Equity are what I’ve been pushing for since I started at PBSC in 2009 and have enabled me to gain valuable lessons and lifelong partnerships and friends in the micromobility industry.

What experience or insight do you bring to your position on the board?
For over 12 years, I have been involved in many different bike-sharing capacities (Supply Chain, Business Development, Operations, Marketing, Product Design etc.) allowing me to bring a complete perspective to the table. This experience has been acquired with my direct involvement in over 40 bike-share systems notably: Bixi Montreal, Toronto Bike Share, MoGo Detroit, WeCycle Aspen, Bicing Barcelona, Santander Cycle Hire London and many more. What really allows me to stand out is my 360-degree vision of how to successfully market, deploy and turnkey launch bike sharing solutions. This knowledge can be particularly valuable for NABSA members as we all try to push the industry forward in the post-pandemic era of micromobility. This experience is supplemented with involvement in industry organizations such a CIE (Cycling Industries Europe) and involvement in many other micromobility partnerships.