Filippos Gkekas

City of Vancouver

Sector: Government

Why are you interested in being a NABSA Board Member?

I have spent over a decade researching, working, and observing shared micromobility on a global scale, and have worked in the field both as a consultant and in municipal government. Although I’ve joined NABSA as a member more recently, I’ve witnessed NABSA’s growth throughout my career in micromobility, and I’m excited to contribute to NABSA’s trajectory. I believe that we can build upon the successes achieved by previous members and extend our reach to a broader audience, raising awareness about the advantages of shared micromobility and ensuring its inclusivity for all.

I am committed to the vision of establishing NABSA as a distinguished educator and advocacy group, providing all stakeholders—government, non-profit, and private sectors—with the means to engage in meaningful dialogues and easy access to essential resources. By working together, we can advance shared micromobility and foster a more sustainable and equitable transportation future.

What skills and experience would make you a good NABSA Board Member?

My involvement in shared micromobility dates back to 2011 when, as part of my undergraduate studies, I began to research bikeshare systems worldwide in an effort to design a model bikeshare system for downtown Athens, Greece. Since then, I have assumed diverse roles spanning NGOs, think tanks, consulting, and the public sector.

Over the past five years, my role as a consultant included collaborating with several municipalities in British Columbia, providing them with strategic advice on (shared) micromobility and supporting them in laying the essential groundwork for success. More recently, I have joined the City of Vancouver, where I am leading the development of a shared e-scooter pilot system, as well as supporting an established, highly successful bikeshare program.

These experiences have equipped me with a well-rounded understanding of shared micromobility, from strategic consultation to practical implementation. I believe that this diverse expertise positions me well to contribute effectively as a NABSA board member, aligning with NABSA’s mission of advancing shared micromobility and fostering sustainable transportation solutions.