Board Member

Amanda Woodall

Chicago Department of Transportation

Why is being a board member of NABSA important to you?
I believe that NABSA is a valuable and powerful collaboration that can influence the future of transportation in North America; I want to be a part of this effort. NABSA’s stated organizational values ring true to me, particularly the “community first” ethic and the commitment to equity and diversity. A large part of my industry knowledge is owed to my fellow NABSA colleagues. I’m excited to serve this organization as our field continues to evolve at this historic moment.

What experience or insight do you bring to your position on the board?
As Program Director for Chicago’s Divvy system, I am uniquely qualified to serve on the NABSA board of Directors. Divvy’s 100+ sq. mi. footprint encompasses a variety of cultural and political arenas giving me insight into diverse operational and community needs –not just a downtown, big city framework. Chicago has been a stalwart during the ebb and flow of industry change, as a player in this field I will be a strong addition to the Government sector seats on the Board.

My cross-sector and cross-agency coordination skills are well-honed, as I spearhead Chicago’s three-pronged bikesharing system transition (contractual, operational, and geographic). I’m not just bringing a broad perspective, I’m committed to making teams work together to find common ground, define goals, and excel cooperatively.

My 14-year career in active transportation planning, policy, and advocacy includes six years of equity-focused programming with the Divvy system. This sets me firmly in-line with NABSA’s intentional focus on inclusiveness and equity for the industry.