Member Spotlight: Shasta Living Streets

Shasta Living Streets is a local community-based organization, operating in Downtown Redding (Shasta County), California. Founded in 2010, Shasta Living Streets operates Redding Bikeshare and the Shasta Bike Depot in addition to other programs. They envision Downtown Redding as the center-hub of a connected city that’s a people-friendly, walkable, bikeable district with vibrant public places and smart-city amenities. They believe that by giving people the resources, skills and confidence they need to get around safely and conveniently by walking and biking, people discover the ease and joy of active living and when they add high-quality facilities and experiences, communities become healthier, happier, and more prosperous. 

In the last year Shasta Living Streets has launched both Redding Bikeshare and the Shasta Bike Depot. Redding Bikeshare is a fully electric system and operates out of the Shasta Bike Depot, a mobility hub at the Redding Transit Center, that supports trail enthusiasts, city residents and visitors for walking, biking and clean mobility options. The bike depot will soon be home to the area’s first secure, long-term bicycle garage and aims to be a social and practical hub for local riders and trail enthusiasts, in addition to people visiting from out of town. 

In addition to Redding Bikeshare and the Shasta Bike Depot, Shasta Living Streets develops services and amenities for active living and clean mobility, including:

  • Long-term bike parking station, with BikeLink
  • Guided e-bike tours of the Sacramento River Trail
  • Information exchange, Social hub, Youth programs
  • Public engagement and Tactical Urbanism activities
  • Encouragement events

When asked about NASBA membership they said that they appreciate learning from people at all levels of shared micromobility from around the country and the world – what’s working and why, and what people have tried that didn’t work out. “Talking to people about their experiences is the best way to learn. Shasta Living Streets first became a member of NABSA as we were scoping the opportunity for bikeshare in Redding. The NABSA conference is a great chance to step away from day-to-day work and have in-depth conversations with people who are experienced in so many of the detailed aspects of operating a bikeshare system. Bikeshare is in early stages of development, and NABSA gives me connections to the people who are testing, learning, and evolving.” – Anne Thomas, Executive Director, Shasta Living Streets

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