Webinar Recap: NABSA Takes a Closer Look into the 2022 Shared Micromobility State of the Industry Report

On August 22nd, NABSA and project partners Toole Design and UC Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center took a closer look at key findings, trends, and insights in the fourth annual Shared Micromobility State of the Industry Report for North America – the only report of its kind tracking the trends, growth, and success of shared micromobility across North America. The presentation shared about what’s new in the report, significant trends, and the methodology for its development.


  • Sam Herr, NABSA
  • Adrian Witte, PE – Toole Design
  • Elliot Martin, Ph.D. – UC Berkeley TSRC

Key take-aways from the event include:

  • At least 157 million shared micromobility trips were taken across North America in 2022.
  • In 2022 there were shared micromobility systems in 401 cities and 289,000 vehicles in operation – both the highest to date.
  • E-bikes continued to thrive in 2022 and were present in 55% of North American cities. The number of trips taken on e-bikes increased from 18.8 million in 2021 to 30.9 million in 2022. By replacing short car trips and making new trips with shared micromobility, riders gained an additional 18.7 million hours of physical activity.
  • Shared micromobility offset approximately 74 million pounds (34 million kg) of CO₂ emissions by replacing auto trips.
  • Shared micromobility helped more people to access transit, with 64% of riders stating that they use shared micromobility to connect to transit and 23% of all shared micromobility were to connect to transit.
  • The 2023 report will be the fifth installment of the report, allowing for increasing trend analysis of shared micromobility.

Agencies and operators interested in contributing data to the report can do so by responding to the annual survey sent out in the early part of each year. If you are an agency or operator of shared micromobility and have not received a survey in the past, please contact hello@nabsa.net to request to be added to our outreach list.

Learn more about and download the 2022 Shared Micromobility State of the Industry Report at nabsa.net/industry. The report is available in English and Spanish.