Member Spotlight: Connected Cycle

Based in Paris, France, Connected Cycle is a connectivity provider that is passionate about micromobility and new technologies. They strive to understand the needs of their customers to bring them adapted and constantly evolving solutions. 

Operating since 2013, they generate, collect, aggregate, and process data to help make micromobility fleets more profitable and allow them to grow as a means of travel in Europe and North America. They offer solutions for bikeshare operators, cyclo-logisticians, rental companies for professionals and individuals, leasers, and vehicle manufacturers. Their GPS devices and cloud platform connect bikes and scooters to reduce theft, manage operating costs, increase the use and lifespan of vehicles, and to improve customer knowledge and user experience.

Historically they have been focused on outfitting e-bikes however this year, they are thrilled to introduce a new product that operates for over 6 months autonomously. This new development allows them to broaden their impact and equip pedal bikes as well.

As a member of NABSA, they greatly value the opportunity to be part of a proactive community that is dedicated to fostering growth and progress in the shared micromobility industry. They believe that networking events and conferences are a great platform to exchange insights and forge beneficial partnerships between members.

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