Member Spotlight: Veo

Veo was founded in 2017 by two Purdue University graduates. Its mission is to establish micromobility as a fundamental part of transportation systems to reduce automotive use and promote widespread utilization of shared alternative mobility safely and safely. Veo states that they prioritize developing collaborative, long-term partnerships with cities and universities to meet their mutual goal of building a sustainable, safe, and equitable transportation future. Veo also said they’re proud to be female-founded.

Recently, Veo conducted a rider survey and found that people of diverse ages and abilities prefer different types of vehicles for different types of trips. For example, Veo stated that while a nurse may prefer a seated scooter to commute home after a long day of standing, a student may choose a standing scooter to get to class. The survey also found that most riders over age 25 prefer the seated scooter option, but the standing scooter remains popular among riders across the age spectrum. Veo concluded that by offering communities mixed fleets of vehicles, they can provide people with more options to replace short car trips with shared micromobility.

Veo recently launched a mixed fleet of standing and seated scooters in Berkeley and Emeryville, California, opening up new connections to Oakland, where Veo has operated since early 2021. Veo said it’s working closely with local leaders to ensure the program supports the transportation needs of the community and will continue to do so to ensure its success.

Looking to the future, Veo is excited about deploying their Cosmo 2 seated e-scooter, which adds new accessibility and rider experience features. According to Veo, the Cosmo 2 features a built-in audible electric motor noise that will alert pedestrians, particularly those who are blind or have visual impairments, that an e-scooter is approaching. It will also feature a phone holder, a Bluetooth speaker that syncs with smartphones so riders can hear directions or listen to music as they ride, and a basket. Veo expects to debut the Cosmo 2 in select markets in July 2022.

When asked what they value about being a NABSA member, Veo stated that they’re proud to be part of the NABSA community where they connect with peers and partners to help ensure that shared micromobility fulfills its promise of providing the safe, sustainable, and equitable transportation options our cities need.