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NABSA 2021 Annual Conference
Guadalajara, Mexico

We hope you’ll join us in Guadalajara next year! More information to come.

Read the Announcement From Our 2021 Host Members, BKT Bici Pública
Delivered By Director Mario Delgado

I’m Mario Delgado, director of BKT Bici Pública. A company specialized in the design, implementation, and operation of bike-sharing systems. BKT is also responsible for operating MiBici, the bike-sharing system in Guadalajara’s metropolitan area. It is the second-largest system in Mexico, one of the most important in North America and ranked in the top 100 worldwide.

MIBICI has 65,000 users and generates more than 17,000 trips per day with more than 2 thousand bicycles and 274 stations. MIBICI is an integrated service to the city’s transportation network; it is supervised and subsidized by the local transportation authorities, making it an accessible, orderly, and transparent system. Since MIBICI’s launch, Guadalajara has had a successful growth of cycling infrastructure (currently with more than 200 km) and a profound cultural and social passion for cycling.
I am pleased to share with you that Guadalajara will host the next NABSA 2020 conference!

Let me tell you more about Guadalajara.
It’s the second most important city in Mexico. It is 500 km away from Mexico City and only 250 km away from the beautiful Pacific Coast. There are about 5 million inhabitants, and an extension of over 3,000 square km. Some studies position Guadalajara as one of the cities with the most significant economic potential in North America. It is the tenth largest Latin American city in population, urban area, and gross domestic product. Our city is a meeting point for the research and development of new technologies.

In terms of culture, we have many things to offer:
Guadalajara is the land of Tequila, Mariachis, the international book fair, artists and filmmakers like Guillermo del Toro. Our city has one of the broadest cultural proposals in the continent and is distinguished as a modern city that keeps traditions which make it unique. Méxican food is also considered a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and Guadalajara plays a big part in this, I’m sure you’ll love it. It is a city with a pleasant climate, beautiful colonial historic center, and nearby touristic destinations.

This is just a scope of what you can experience in Guadalajara. We look forward to seeing you in NABSA 2020.

I want to thank everyone in BKT Bici pública for their hard work, NABSA and its board members for the commitment to transcend borders, to the institutes in Jalisco, who have believed in our service and above all, have promoted the bikesharing system to transform our city.

I am looking forward to seeing you’ll next year!