Public Webinar: Public Funding for Shared Micromobility Operations

On July 9th, 2021, NABSA hosted a public webinar discussing various approaches to funding shared micromobility as part of public transportation.

Funding models for shared micromobility operations vary considerably across North America. As cities’ and public transit agencies’ interest in shared micromobility grows as a means to expand public transportation, address climate change, equity, health, and increase access to jobs and essential goods and services, we looked to gain inspiration from the public-private partnerships in Guadalajara, the UK, and Paris that include public funding to sustain bikeshare system operations. Additionally, Transportation for America addressed the US federal policy environment’s lack of funding for public transportation operations and what it would take to make operations funding more available to local cities and transit agencies to support shared micromobility systems.


  • Mario Delgado, COO & Co-Founder, BKT Bici Pública
  • Mario Silva, General Director, IMEPLAN
  • Sam Jones, Micromobility Director, Serco
  • Sylvain Raifaud, President of Vélib’, City of Paris
  • Benito O. Pérez, Policy Director, Transportation for America

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