Earlier this month, NABSA updated its Core Values to better reflect the current state of NABSA, our members, and the industry. We asked our members to let us know how they embody NABSA’s values in their work. Here’s what they said:



“Micromobility: it’s the secret code to unlock cities. Combining all your bikeshare and scooter options with transit, you can get just about anywhere, in no time. But decoding these trips can require a mental map of the city plus some actual math to figure out the fastest way. With Transit’s trip planner, riders can *easily* combine transit + scooters. And transit + ebikes. And transit + good ol’ fashioned docked bikeshare.

To make it happen, we play integration matchmaker: combining real-time data from transit agencies with real-time GBFS data from scooter and bikeshare operators. With these open APIs, riders get faster, cheaper, more convenient trips. And cities get fewer cars on the road. We work hard to create a high-quality customer experience that finds the fastest way across town, connecting two wheels with subway, light rail, metro and bus.”


Fort Worth Bike Sharing:

“This is my all-time favorite Fort Worth Bike Sharing picture. It says so much to me about our position in our community and how it was challenged and strengthened during the BLM protests. During the Black Lives Matter protests, we were tasked with taking a good hard look at how our system was participating in the community and while we were proud of a lot of the work we’ve done, we realized we still had much more to do. We will continue to put our community first and are committed to providing an inclusive culture throughout our city. To me, this picture represents our pledge to do better, do more, and embody all of the NABSA values.”


Shift Transit:

“User safety is integral to Shift Transit’s operations. At Shift, we work closely with our partners to ensure each and every asset we manage is safe and secure to use. Click on the link to see how our teams ensure safety is at the forefront of our day-to-day operations.

Close collaboration with our partners has been an essential ingredient in building and leading successful mobility services. Watch our video to see how our flexibility and versatility has benefited our clients across the mobility industry.”

Safety: http://ow.ly/PVcE50DdEDt Collaboration: http://ow.ly/s6ro50DdEFF



“Indego is well known for its commitment to community engagement and providing equitable access throughout Philadelphia. Though the current pandemic has caused us to revise how we conduct programming, we’ve still been able to create new and innovative ways to stay connected with our community partners. Recently we’ve updated our local mini-grant program to provide funding to community-based organizations providing COVID-19 related resources in their areas.” https://youtu.be/XDlUHalG6Uc


LINK by Superpedestrian:

“LINK has prioritized the safety of our riders, pedestrians, and others who share our sidewalks from the beginning. Each of our scooters has a Vehicle Intelligence System (VIS), an advanced on-board system with unique protection technology which constantly monitors the scooter and solves possible problems in real time, minimizing potential risks for the driver. Our on-board geofence technology instantly reacts with a <1 second enforcement to slow and stop a scooter from entering a no-ride-zone, protecting pedestrians and keeping scooters off sidewalks. Finally, we have worked closely with community leaders and city officials to ensure that riders know about safe riding practices, from following traffic laws and parking properly to respecting pedestrians. For a recent example of this commitment to rider and pedestrian safety, check out this video: http://ow.ly/9ZiJ50D6TOJ


Healthy Ride – Bike Share Pittsburgh Inc.:

“Over the past three years, Healthy Ride PGH’s Community Ambassadors have worked to connect communities of color and low-income communities with Healthy Ride’s bike-sharing system. The Community Ambassadors expand access to bike share by creating group rides, attending outreach events, and gathering valuable feedback from community members. In 2020, the Community Ambassadors partnered with the City of Pittsburgh and Bike Pittsburgh to support the implementation of the City’s Bike(+) Plan and the Move Forward PGH campaign. This is the first partnership of its kind and ultimately aims to create a safe, connected network of safe streets for all modes of transportation.” healthyridepgh.com/ambassadors/



“A couple of our values align particularly well with NABSA’s. Spin’s Do The Right Thing value fits well with NABSA’s Community First and our Carry The Torch value fits well with the Diversity & Equity value. Learn more about our values: http://www.spin.app/spin-team.””


Heartland Bike Share:

“As a non-profit operating three bike sharing programs across Nebraska and part of Iowa, Heartland Bike Share has a unique position in the bike share landscape. Our non-profit status gives us the ability to connect with the communities we serve and overcome transportation barriers through community-based programming. Heartland Bike Share staff continually works with various community partners in each unique municipality, making sure each bike share program meets the specific needs and requirements of the local community as they evolve. Heartland Bike Share’s systems grow with local efforts, agreements, and processes to create a safe, reliable, and user friendly bike share for everyone.” http://ow.ly/QiX050DdDxw


Ride Report:

“Ride Report knows the value of cooperation when it comes to an integrated transportation system. Our tools help cities and mobility operators align on what matters most: trustworthy data. This data informs policy decisions, fee structures, and more, incentivizing cooperation.”


Toole Design Group:

“Toole Design Group’s New E’s relate to a number of NABSA values. For instance, Ethics guides us to strive toward increased safety through our work, to be transparent, and to ensure high-quality outcomes for our clients and the traveling public. Equity challenges us to recognize and address historical injustice that has led to current failures of the transportation system that disproportionately impact BIPOC and households with low incomes, and to improve the system for all travelers. Finally, Empathy could be the basis for any of NABSA’s values. “Empathy is the capacity to see, hear, and feel what another person is experiencing, from within their frame of reference.” It calls us prioritize the people in the communities we work in and take human-centered approach to our work.” tooledesign.com/theNewEs/



“At PikeRide, our mission is to elevate our community with a fun, healthy, planet friendly, and cost-effective way to get around. During the pandemic, we partnered with Springs Rescue Mission, our city’s leading organization in services for people affected by homelessness. Through our PikeRide Schools we were able to engage these community members and provide not only free PikeRide memberships, but also provide safe route finding as well as better connections to places such as the grocery store.

Additionally, we have offered over 10,000 FREE rides to our community while also supporting our health care workers with free PikeRide memberships.”