Hundreds of Thousands of Voters Get to the Polls Thanks to Free or Discounted Shared Micromobility Trips

On November 3, numerous NABSA members and other shared micromobility operators came together to provide free or discounted rides to U.S. voters on Election Day through a campaign called Roll to the Polls. The joint effort to reduce or eliminate the transportation barrier for millions of Americans proved to be a successful and meaningful campaign.

According to Caroline Samponaro, Lyft’s Head of Micromobility & Transit Public Policy, this year, Lyft reports they supported hundreds of thousands of people with rides to the polls on Election Day and to early voting sites. This includes thousands of rides on their network of bikes and scooters network during the general election season. Through multiple partners, including nearly 20 nonprofits, Lyft stated that 15% of all Voting Access rides were to early voting sites. Through their Voting Access Hub and partnership with When We All Vote and, they helped nearly 30,000 people make a transportation plan for voting, verify their registration, or register to vote.

Many members recorded increased ridership to early voting sites and on Election Day. E-scooter provider Bird reported drastic increases in ridership in many of their cities of operation, including a 390% increase in Lincoln, NE, a 380% increase in Kansas City, MO, and a 260% increase in Cincinnati, OH.

According to Eric Houston, Senior Manager of Transportation Planning at Metro Bike Share, the total ridership for all pass types on Election day was up 25% from October’s daily ridership average. Compared to the previous two weeks, Metro Bike Share reported a 61% increase in ridership for their single-ride pass during their two-week early voting period of October 21st – November 3rd.

Bewegen Technologies reported that many of their U.S. systems experienced increased ridership and longer ride times as people traveled to and from the polls. The company stated that their ValleyBike system, located in Pioneer Valley, where it was damp and windy on Election Day, had an increase in day pass purchases.

We were thrilled to hear so much positive feedback from our members that participated in Roll to the Polls, and from others in the industry. Together, the participants helped U.S. citizens get to the polls that may not have had an alternative way to get there. The initiative demonstrated how shared micromobility meets the needs of residents and how it can be part of a greater transportation network. With more than 150 million trips taken in North America in 2019, it’s proven to be a tool that can improve equity, community health, local economies, and much more. You can learn more about the successes and benefits of shared micromobility in our 2019 Shared Micromobility State of the Industry Report.